About the project

Hello, my name is Joseph. I am the author of the Business and Plan Project. I am an economist by training and an entrepreneur by spirit, and I have been involved in economics and business for most of my life.

As a salaried employee, I worked my way up from accountant-economist to deputy director of economics for a company with over 3,000 employees.

I have an interesting entrepreneurial experience — wholesale of household goods. This experience has been very useful and has come in handy for me as a business coach.

Business and Plan is my blog for those who are just about to start their own business or are already in the process of starting a business.

Thousands of people are thinking about how to improve their financial situation. They are all different, but the questions are the same:

  • Where do I find the money to start a business?
  • How do you attract customers?
  • Why isn’t advertising working effectively enough?
  • How to increase profits?

Business and Plan is an online resource that will help you find answers to these and other questions that worry aspiring entrepreneurs.