Driving school as a business

Business ideas by directions

Looking at the huge number of new cars that appear on the roads of our country every year, the business idea of ​​a driving school involuntarily comes to mind.
Indeed, the number of motorists is increasing at a tremendous pace. By some estimates, at least five percent of new car owners appear every year. All of these people must complete pre-training and pass exams.
Despite the fact that there are at least a few driving schools in almost any city, there is no sharp competition among them. This is due to the constant influx of new people wishing to learn how to drive a car.

A driving school as a business does not require such large initial costs, however, it belongs to rather complex types of business, since it requires educational licenses and a certain material base.

Very important for a driving school is the quality of education, which is determined by the number of students who passed the exams in the traffic police on the basis of training.

And the quality of training depends on many parameters, including the qualifications of teachers and instructors, teaching methods and the number of hours of practical driving.

An important factor for any driving school is the presence of good relations with the traffic police.

A driving school as a business is a fairly profitable enterprise, since it usually does not experience a shortage of customers.
Experience shows that the initial investment in a driving school pays off within one to two years. However, this period can be reduced by conducting a marketing research and choosing the best options for creating and developing a driving school.

The most difficult step in creating a driving school is obtaining an educational license.

To do this, you must first fulfill a number of conditions, since in order to obtain a license, you must submit documents confirming the fulfillment of the requirements for a driving school.

To obtain a license, you must submit a lease agreement for the premises; agreement on the lease of a site for driving skills training; a document confirming the availability of an equipped class with all the necessary educational material and equipment; documents confirming the availability of trained qualified personnel, or copies of employment contracts with employees. You will also need an application for a license, constituent documents, copies of a certificate of registration of a legal entity and documents confirming the payment of a state fee.

The term for consideration of submitted documents on the establishment of a driving school usually takes from one to two months. That is, during all this time, the entrepreneur will have to maintain the premises and bear the costs without receiving any income.
Of course, entrepreneurs always strive to reduce their costs, especially at first, by negotiating discounts for the period of registration of a driving school.
Creating a business in the form of a driving school can and should be simplified by preparing a detailed and high-quality business plan based on a marketing research . The sequence of actions for creating a driving school, described in the business plan , will help you not to spend extra money and fulfill all the necessary requirements on time.

As you know, all classes in a driving school are divided into two components:

  • theoretical course;
  • practical driving.

Training should be provided with teaching aids, as well as a sufficient number of training vehicles to practice driving skills. Many driving schools now offer, in addition to paper versions of teaching aids, also computer-based training programs that help prepare for exams in the traffic police faster and better.

As for practical driving, the 32 hours of driving provided by the curriculum is usually not enough for quality training and passing exams in the traffic police. Therefore, cadets of driving schools often take additional lessons from instructors. The owner of a driving school needs to take this into account when planning classes.
A large number of accidents and fatal accidents on the roads of Russia is forcing the traffic police to tighten the requirements for the quality of training in driving schools. Therefore, when creating a driving school as a business, it is necessary to be prepared for inspections by the traffic police and strive to improve the quality of education.

A high percentage of students who pass exams on the first try is the best indicator of the quality of education and the best argument in the competition.

The popularity of driving schools, in which students successfully pass exams, serves as an additional driving force for the development of a driving school and is a guarantee of business profitability.