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When we considered the pizzeria business idea , we already mentioned that an additional source of income could be pizza delivery to customers. However, there are options for creating a separate pizza delivery business. Such a business is not focused on visitors to the pizzeria, but on third-party buyers who do not want to leave the walls of their home or office to get delicious food.
Such a business can be even more effective than creating a pizzeria in the form of a cafe.
This is due to the fact that when equipping a pizza room, you can avoid the costly costs of creating a client room, and in the future not to hire waiters and other staff to serve customers. The money saved is used to create a small but efficient delivery service.
One of the options for organizing a pizza delivery business may be a separate activity only for the delivery of the finished product.
This allows you to avoid the cost of organizing the production of pizza altogether, directing all efforts to the delivery service. Naturally, in this option, the delivery service will be more like a taxi service in terms of organization and work.

To receive orders, you need to organize a special multi-channel telephone number that will allow you to receive calls from the whole city. The owner of the delivery service needs to create a small fleet of vehicles equipped with the means of heating the finished product, and train the staff to work as a courier.
This pizza delivery service is very dependent on the pizzeria, which prepares and packs food for delivery to customers.
As a rule, the customer expects to receive the pizza within one hour from the time of the order. In order to meet customer expectations, there needs to be strong coordination between the pizza business and the delivery business. Therefore, this option is not suitable in every case and not for all entrepreneurs. The restaurant and delivery service can focus on purely technical work. On the other hand, there is dependence on producers, the need for constant accounting of mutual settlements, as well as a proportional distribution of revenue.
Another option for organizing a pizza delivery business is to create your own production and then transfer it to delivery.
In this case, it is possible to achieve a much faster production of the product according to customer orders, since the acceptance of orders can be transferred directly to the production shop. In addition, this option allows you to improve the quality of customer service and the share of revenue from the sale of pizza.

This type of business organization requires a clearer business plan, as well as market research , as the pizza maker enters into competition with other manufacturers.

The scheme of operation of such a pizza delivery business is quite simple: the dispatcher takes an order by phone, transfers it to the pizza shop and controls the timing of the order. The finished pizza is handed over to the courier driver for delivery to the desired address.

The initial costs for the implementation of this option are slightly higher than in the first case. It is necessary to find a suitable room, equip it in accordance with the sanitary requirements of the supervisory authorities, purchase the appropriate equipment — a dough mixer, a pizza oven, tables, a dough rolling machine, a slicer, and so on. It is also necessary to hire at least two chefs, purchase the appropriate products, order several types of pizza packages of different sizes. Depending on the readiness of the premises, investments in the production of pizza can range from 200 thousand to several thousand dollars.

If you create your own fleet of vehicles, then it will be necessary to invest in the purchase of vehicles and their maintenance. For pizza delivery, it is preferable to purchase small cars that can easily overcome city traffic jams, as well as park in narrow lanes near apartment buildings.

At the first stage of creating a business, you can get by with one or two cars, attracted on the principles of outsourcing. However, if the company focuses exclusively on customers located within the entire city, then in order to quickly fulfill orders, it will be necessary to expand the transport component of the business.

The current costs of a pizza delivery business will largely depend on how many people are on the staff of the enterprise, and how many are outsourced. Naturally, the cost of rented cars will be higher than on your own, but this is not always the case. It is often more profitable to transfer orders for delivery to a third-party company than to maintain your own fleet of vehicles.

In order to correctly calculate the profitability of a business, depending on one or another option, it is necessary to contact specialists who are able to carry out economic calculations in a quality and complete manner.

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