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The mobility of the population is growing rapidly every year. Few people spend the whole vacation at home, most tend to go to rest in other places.

And here, for many people, a problem arises that is not so easy to solve: what to do with pets during the holidays. This problem is actually so complicated that it is often necessary to refuse a trip, as there are simply no people willing to take care of the animal.
The pet hotel business idea has almost no competition.
Pet hotels can be counted on the fingers, prices are often prohibitive, and the quality of services does not guarantee the safety and health of animals. Meanwhile, the profitability of such a business is very high, and, as the experience of foreign countries shows, such enterprises are almost always successful.

The reason for the failure of pet hotels lies in the wrong approach of entrepreneurs. Most often, hotels are created by amateurs and have no chance for development.

First of all, it is necessary to investigate the level of demand for such services and the level of competition.
As a rule, there is no competition at all, or it is so weak that it does not even require price dumping. As for demand, you can study it with the help of surveys, announcements, consultations with veterinarians and members of animal lovers clubs. The main purpose of the study: to determine the approximate ratio of small-medium-large animals for arranging enclosures.

The pet hotel must be well equipped to ensure the health and comfort of the animals during their stay in the hotel. Cats and dogs should be kept in separate rooms so that the animals do not experience undue stress. Each animal should be kept in a separate enclosure, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bwhich is sufficient for comfortable maintenance.

So, for example, for cats and cats, the size of the enclosure can be 1 by 1.5 meters. For medium dogs — 1.5 by 1.7 meters. Large dogs are generally better kept in outdoor enclosures in the summer.

It is also necessary to provide cages for smaller animals: hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, which are also often kept at home.

An animal hotel must provide daily walking of animals.
Therefore, it is most convenient to create a hotel in a detached house, and when designing, provide for an exit from the enclosures to fenced walking areas. This will reduce the time for the organization of walking and lengthen the time of walking the animals.

An animal hotel must have qualified personnel.

Reception and delivery of animals must be carried out by a veterinarian. Feeding and care of animals should be carried out in accordance with the recommendations for each breed separately. Therefore, it is important to conclude a contractual relationship with a veterinary clinic or veterinarian from the very beginning. That is why the creation of a hotel must be treated from the very beginning as a serious business. It is necessary to plan and calculate every step, gaining a reputation and earning money.

Experience shows that, with proper planning, the initial cost of creating a hotel, in the presence of a separate building, ranges from 3 to 8 thousand dollars. Income from the temporary keeping of animals, even taking into account the pronounced seasonality, makes it possible to recoup these costs within one to two years.
Of course, the success of an enterprise largely depends on the proper organization and conduct of business.

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