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Bath in Rus’ has always been an integral part of everyday life. Bath has always brought people not only health, but also pleasure. And in recent years, the bath has firmly entered the list of entertainment facilities.

Therefore, the bath business idea is very popular in our time. Moreover, the bath itself can be of any type, but the range of services that it provides is approximately the same for everyone.
A bathhouse is a place of relaxation, so an entrepreneur who decides to develop this business needs to do everything to make vacationers comfortable and convenient.
A business based on the idea of ​​​​a bath does not experience such pressure from competitors as, say, a cafe or restaurant, however, before proceeding with its implementation, it is imperative to conduct marketing research . This will help to preliminarily determine the profitability of the business and avoid many mistakes in its implementation.
However, in any case, as experience shows, the money invested in the implementation of the bath business idea pays off within a few years, bringing further net profit.
The type of bath depends on the demand among the population and the degree of competition, which can be identified even at the stage of marketing research. It can be a traditional Russian banya, a sauna, or an oriental banya. The costs of creating any type of bath are approximately the same, since the main areas of the bath are occupied not by the steam room and the washing department, but by related entertainment services.

As a rule, the composition of the bath includes a swimming pool, a relaxation room, a massage room, a dressing room.

The relaxation room is usually made the most extensive room, since bath procedures often excite the appetite, and the income from the sale of alcohol is a significant part of the total income from the bath.
By the way, when developing a business project for a bath, you need to take into account the need for licensing for the sale of alcohol, since without this the profitability of a bath can be sharply reduced.

Often, the rest room is also equipped with additional amenities and entertainment facilities: a good home theater, billiards, darts, a karaoke music center.

This allows you to increase the time spent by one company in the bath, and, hence, the profitability of the event.

However, some bathhouse projects rely on wellness and beauty treatments in the business:

  • massage;
  • stone therapy;
  • solarium;
  • manicure and pedicure;
  • peeling and so on.

These services can generate income comparable to alcohol sales. And, since different services are in demand at different times, it is possible to increase the profitability of the bathhouse by providing them to different categories of visitors.
For example, in the daytime, bet on health and beauty services, and reserve evening time for companies to relax.
A creative approach to the implementation of the sauna business idea is very important for creating a permanent circle of customers who will bring a steady income to your company.

For information on how to prepare for this type of business, read the article Marketing research on opening a bathhouse .