Business idea: recreation center

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The business idea of ​​​​a recreation center refers to expensive projects, the payback period of which is calculated in several years.

However, the income from such a project can be so significant that it will turn it into a solid stable business for many years. The demand for the services of recreation centers is growing every year, especially if such a base is located near a major city. Residents of cities tend to go to nature, while maintaining maximum comfort.
The recreation center must meet the expectations of customers, and then the demand for its services will always be stable.

Large investments require a serious approach to business. Therefore, you need to start implementing a business idea for a recreation center with a thorough marketing research and preparation of a detailed business plan. This will help not only to make preliminary calculations of profitability, but also to receive external investments from partners or credit institutions.

First of all, you need to choose a place for the location of the recreation center and obtain all the necessary building permits.
The ideal place to deploy the project would be a beautiful area with a forest, river or lake. The area of ​​the recreation center should be sufficient for the construction of houses and office premises, as well as for walking and recreation of guests. Typically, such a project requires an area of ​​at least 3-7 hectares. The presence of a reservoir will make it possible to equip a small beach and places for fishing.
By the way, the organization of paid fishing can become a significant source of income and a means of attracting guests to the recreation center.
Therefore, when choosing a place to place the base, it is advisable to take into account such an opportunity for business development, or to equip an artificial reservoir on your own, as part of a separate project. On the territory of the recreation center, you can build a multi-storey building of a comfortable hotel, or several separate cottages to accommodate guests. The benefit of building one building is obvious: it can accommodate not only guest rooms, but also a restaurant, spa treatment rooms, a swimming pool, halls for corporate conferences and seminars, a karaoke bar, and so on. The concentration of guests in a small area will help provide a higher level of comfort and preserve more of the green space.

On the other hand, many vacationers will prefer separate cottages or bungalows for a relaxing holiday. Therefore, many recreation centers choose a combined construction option: one large building and several separate ones.
In addition to residential premises, both service and additional premises for the entertainment of guests will be required.
For example, on the territory of the green zone, you can place a Russian bath, a sauna, several bars or open cafes, a vehicle rental point. It is obligatory to have on the territory of the recreation center sports grounds for playing tennis, volleyball, badminton. If there is a reservoir, then you need to equip places for swimming.

Initial investments in the recreation center, depending on the area and volume of construction, can range from several thousand to tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is also quite troublesome and costly to allocate land and obtain building permits.

As far as running costs and profitability are concerned, managing a recreation center should be treated like running a large enterprise, doing planning and economics on an ongoing basis.
The complexity of this type of business lies in its pronounced seasonality.
However, this problem can also be solved by involving corporate clients in cooperation, organizing seminars, conferences, corporate events and holidays on the territory of the base. But for this you need to seriously plan the loading of space, maximizing the profitability of the enterprise.

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