Children’s cafe business idea

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The catering business is a popular topic among aspiring entrepreneurs. For many of them, opening their own restaurant or cafe is a means not only of earning money, but also of self-realization. But the disadvantage of a huge number of restaurants is the lack of conditions for relaxing in it with the whole family. Children often do not fit into the interior and atmosphere of the restaurant, cause dissatisfaction among staff and visitors with their activity and noise.
A great place to visit with the whole family is a children’s cafe.
The popularity of such cafes is growing every year, in some families it becomes a tradition to visit a cafe on weekends, on the occasion of a child’s birthday or to meet other couples. Therefore, the business idea of ​​a children’s cafe continues to be promising and in demand.
A children’s cafe has its own characteristics, which are highly desirable to take into account when building a business.
First of all, a cafe for a child is not so much a place where you can eat delicious food, but a place where you can play with other children. Therefore, a children’s cafe should combine the properties of a cafe and an entertainment center for children.. The interior of the cafe itself, the menu and the general atmosphere should create a sense of celebration for the child. Only in this case, the owner of the establishment can count on the appearance of regular visitors, and, therefore, on the stability of income. And just in this, his imagination and individuality can be fully manifested. You can create play corners in the cafe for children of different ages, you can hire animators to entertain the children, or you can dress up the entire staff in costumes and turn the cafe into one permanent performance.

However, do not forget that money loves an account. Before starting the implementation of the children’s cafe business idea, you need to conduct a marketing research to assess competition and demand, choose a place to place the cafe and prepare a business plan.

It is better to place the premises of a children’s cafe near places of walking with children — parks, entertainment centers. Often successful is the project of a children’s cafe as part of a restaurant, fitness club or shopping center. In this case, adults entrust children to the care of animators and cafe employees, and they themselves can go shopping or relaxing without interference.

The initial costs of creating a children’s cafe will consist mainly of the cost of repairing and equipping the premises; expenses for the purchase of kitchen equipment, inventory, dishes, furniture, slot machines, karaoke, and so on; the costs of registering an enterprise and obtaining permits from supervisory authorities. The amount of initial costs can range from one and a half to several thousand dollars, depending on the size of the room and its equipment.

The current costs will be the cost of rent and utilities, staff salaries, the cost of purchasing products, paying animators, laundry services, and so on.

The profitability of a children’s cafe, as a rule, makes it possible to recoup the initial investment within one and a half to two years, but much depends on how well the owner of the establishment has chosen the place and knows how to manage the enterprise. For a quick profit, you need to be guided by a clear business plan and economic calculations.

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