Business idea of ​​a cottage village

Business ideas by directions

The business idea of ​​building cottage settlements can hardly be classified as an idea for a novice entrepreneur. This project requires significant investments and a serious approach to business.
Nevertheless, in conditions of increased demand for housing in ecologically clean areas, the cottage village business idea is very promising, large-scale and profitable.

Such a large project as the construction of a cottage village should be accompanied by serious marketing research.

Moreover, it is with marketing research that the implementation of this business idea should begin.

Cottage settlements are being built today of various types.

There are medium-level cottage settlements, elite settlements with rather expensive real estate are being built. Ecological cottage settlements are also popular, the residents of which are focused on living in ecologically clean areas.

All types of cottage settlements are united by one common property:

  • availability of a complete and developed infrastructure.

It is the presence of a developed infrastructure that distinguishes cottage settlements from ordinary rural settlements. Therefore, when developing a business project for the construction of a cottage village, it is necessary to plan not only the construction of comfortable and beautiful houses, but also the associated shops, gyms, schools, children’s towns, and so on.
In terms of comfort, a cottage settlement should be no worse than an urban microdistrict, but it should be spacious, green, well-equipped and comfortable for living.
Country real estate in the form of cottage settlements is becoming more and more popular, both among wealthy older people and among young families. Therefore, when building a cottage settlement, one must also take into account the fact that a new generation will grow up in its houses, which needs space and entertainment.

One of the main advantages of cottage settlements is the proximity to the city, where most residents work, shop, study and have fun. There must be a good road between the city and the cottage settlement, and parking lots for cars are provided in the cottage settlement itself.

The implementation of the business idea of ​​a cottage village usually does not do without external investment. To receive investments, in the form of bank loans or financial support from the city administration, a detailed, well-founded and well-calculated business plan is required.
The preparation of such a business plan, which, by the way, is a clear and detailed action plan, is done on the basis of marketing research .
When developing a business project for a cottage settlement, it is necessary to decide in advance to whom the cottage settlement and all its infrastructure will be transferred after construction is completed. If construction is not the main activity for the entrepreneur, then upon completion of construction, it is possible to create a management company that will further develop and maintain the cottage village.

Another option is also possible: the transfer of the cottage settlement to the service of a new organization, and the completion of this business project.

Depending on the choice of option, a sequence of business plan items should be developed. Experience shows that, based on market research and a clear business plan, a cottage village construction project is a very profitable project that brings a quick return on investment and a good profit after the completion of the project.