Paid fishing business idea

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Fishing has been and remains a favorite form of recreation for many, many people. Fishing allows you to completely relax from get rid of stress, have fun and relax.

Most modern business people strive to use the rare leisure hours as efficiently as possible, so paid fishing services are becoming more and more popular among residents of large cities. Meanwhile, the organization of paid fishing can become a profitable business, so this idea is often used by fish farm owners to increase the profitability of their enterprises.

Indeed, one of the main problems of the fish farming business is the sale of live fish.

After all, it needs to be caught, provided with conditions for survival, delivered to the trading network and sold. Paid fishing allows not only to solve all these problems, but also to get additional profit. In fact, the fisherman himself catches and takes away his fish, and is even ready to pay good money for it.

Usually, the fee for fishing services is tied to the weight of the fish caught and the time spent on the reservoir.

If the fisherman caught fish by weight more than the established norm, he pays extra. For example, a fee for 10 hours of fishing is set at $750. The weight of the caught fish is limited to 3 kg. For each kilogram of additional weight, a fee of 250 dollars is set. Thus, the entrepreneur does not lose anything when catching fish, but reduces his sales costs and evenly distributes the catch and sale of fish over time.

As for the costs of organizing paid fishing, they are incomparably less than the costs of creating a fish farm as a whole.

It is necessary to equip several places for fishing, a recreation area, build a gazebo, install barbecue facilities. It is useful to make a small children’s playground for fishermen who come with their families. It is beneficial to create a small mini-hotel, which will become an independent business. Naturally, you need to have parking for cars.

Additional income will be brought by the sale and leasing of fishing equipment, rental of boats, tents.

If the popularity of the fishing place grows, you can open a small store of related products in the hotel, put a sauna next to it, thus turning your fish farm into a small recreation center.
Naturally, the success of such an enterprise and the receipt of maximum profit depends on the skillful management of resources and planning of costs and revenues.

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