Business idea: tire fitting

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Summer is approaching, which means that soon you will have to change tires for summer. Therefore, every motorist, sooner or later, will come to the tire fitting, and some, once again, will envy the owner of this business.

In fact, it doesn’t take much to implement a tire fitting business idea, and the income, especially during the season, is quite tangible. On this topic, see also the article » Small business: production in the garage «.

Of course, both the amount of income and the return on investment in equipment depend on many factors. Therefore, before starting this type of business, it is imperative to conduct at least a small marketing research on the tire business . The results of this study will not only help to properly organize the business, but also to avoid many typical mistakes of novice entrepreneurs.

Features of a business idea: tire fitting

The tire fitting business can be sharply seasonal if you do not immediately provide for an expansion of the list of services that will help you receive stable income throughout the year.

Of course, a lot depends on the premises, but it is better to plan your activities at the first stage in such a way that later you do not incur additional costs for re-equipment.

How can you increase tire fitting income?

1) One of the types of services that are in constant demand throughout the year is balancing.

Additional equipment will be required to provide these services, but this investment will pay for itself in the summer and winter.

2) A very good income can be brought by such an associated business as the sale of small things necessary for a motorist.

By setting up two or three display cases for customers waiting for their order to be filled, you can get no less income from retail trade during the day than from the tire fitting itself.
After all, the margin on goods can be set much higher than in specialized stores.
Since the purchases will be of impulse demand, the buyer will especially not compare prices. Flashlights, first aid kits, tow ropes, batteries, air fresheners, car wipes and so on — these little things can make a very good profit.

3) If the premises and conditions allow, then you can even open a small cafe or at least put a couple of vending machines selling drinks or snacks.

What should be paid special attention to?

However, in order to implement the business idea of ​​\u200b\u200btire fitting, it is necessary to take into account such an important circumstance as safety.

The fact is that the services provided by a tire shop must be performed at a high level of quality, otherwise marriage in work can lead to an accident and even death. And this is fraught with serious consequences for business owners.

Therefore, already at the first stage, it is necessary to take care of reliable and proven personnel.

If you can do it yourself, great. However, tire fitting will only be profitable when it provides services throughout the day, and, even better, around the clock. You can’t do it alone here. Therefore, it is necessary to look for a partner, or immediately focus on hired personnel.
And in this case, think over a system for monitoring the receipt of income, since tire fitting services, as a rule, are provided for cash.
As for the possible costs of organizing a business, we will talk about them in the article “ market research on the tire fitting business ”.