Business idea: telecommunications company

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The business idea of ​​a telecommunications company usually comes to the mind of professionals who have worked for a similar company for a long time as an employee.
Such specialists are well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of telecommunications companies operating in the local market. And, at the same time, they are well aware of the needs of customers who are interested in the high quality of the services provided.

The success of a new telecommunications company largely depends on how successfully it will occupy a niche in the communications services market.

It’s no secret that there is quite a lot of competition in this market, and Rostelecom, as a rule, has a monopoly role. Trying to completely replace Rostelecom in all areas of activity is practically useless, since the financial capabilities of a large company are incommensurably higher than the financial capabilities of start-up entrepreneurs.
Therefore, before embarking on the implementation of the business idea of ​​a telecommunications company, it is necessary to conduct a detailed marketing research and identify those market segments in which you can successfully compete with companies present on the market.

Establishing a telecommunications company is quite an expensive undertaking, as it will be necessary to invest in modern equipment and technologies.

Therefore, it is important in marketing research to determine also the profitability of the planned project and its payback period.
As a rule, a private telecommunications company can provide a range of services to the public and legal entities, which include voice information transmission services, Internet access services for data transmission, local telephone communication services, communication channel services, and television program distribution services.
Small private telecommunications companies are usually limited to providing Internet access, as well as cable TV.
However, a small telecommunications company can provide other services demanded by the population and enterprises. For example, it can specialize in the maintenance and modernization of computer networks of enterprises, in setting up and maintaining computers of the population, maintaining communication lines and mini-ATS, as well as in the sale of telecommunications equipment.

The list of services that the new telecommunications company will provide should be based on the results of market research , so that it includes the most requested services. This will avoid the purchase of expensive equipment that will not pay off due to its operation.

It should be noted that the business idea of ​​a telecommunications company is associated with obtaining a number of licenses and permits.

These procedures take a significant part of the time when creating a company. To carry out activities in the field of telecommunications, it is necessary to obtain a license for local telephone services, a license for data communication services, a license for telematic communication services, as well as a license for data communication services for the purpose of transmitting voice information.
The list of licenses depends on the types of activities that the new telecommunications company will be engaged in.
The entry of a telecommunications company into the market is always accompanied by an initial lack of confidence in the quality of services on the part of the population and corporate clients. The times when there was a persistent shortage of modern services on the telecommunications market are long gone. The population, as a rule, is quite conservative about the appearance of new proposals. Business leaders are always looking for ways to cut their communication costs. Therefore, in order to occupy its niche, a new telecommunications company will either need to spend significant funds on an advertising campaign, or provide new modern services that are not yet available on the local market, or significantly reduce the prices for services compared to competitors.
All three options affect the profitability and payback period of the project.
However, the emergence of new telecommunications companies and their successful development shows that the telecommunications company business idea is fruitful and profitable for technically trained entrepreneurs who are ready to overtake competitors in terms of the level of services provided.