Business idea: vending machines

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Sales using vending machines can become a modern form of implementing the business idea of ​​trade. Vending machines are designed for the sale of small and packaged goods without human intervention. In addition, they do not take up much space and can be installed almost anywhere. This allows you to reduce the most important costs of trade as a business: the cost of wages to employees and the cost of renting and maintaining premises.
Profitability of business with the help of vending machines allows you to quickly expand the network and increase sales.
Suffice it to say that in the United States one in five purchases are made at vending machines. In our country, this type of retail is still in its infancy, representing an excellent niche for organizing your own growing business.

Vending machines can be of various types, depending on the products offered. The most popular in our country are vending machines for drinks, as well as snack vending machines for selling small packaged products.

Snack machines usually offer customers small packages of snack-type products: chocolate bars, chewing gum, chips, popcorn, beer snacks, and so on.

Drink vending machines usually come in two types:

1) intended for the sale of chilled drinks in original packaging;

2) for the sale of hot ready-to-drink drinks, such as coffee, tea, and so on.

These types of vending machines are fundamentally different from each other, and, due to this, perfectly complement each other during installation.
Freshly squeezed juice vending machines are much less common, but their efficiency, provided they are installed in a good place, is very high.
Often, vending machines also sell non-food items: tickets, toys, shoe covers, condoms, flash drives, postcards, newspapers, and so on.

Vending machines also include vending machines that sell not goods, but services. For example, photocopying services or payment acceptance services.
A feature of the implementation of the business idea of ​​vending machines is the high manufacturability of this business.
The vending machines need constant monitoring, maintenance and collection. In this type of business, you cannot do without the creation of a support service and transportation costs. However, savings on the salaries of sellers and rental of premises more than cover these costs.

In any case, before starting your own business on the implementation of the business idea of ​​vending machines, it is necessary to conduct a marketing research, which at the first stage can show the profitability and potential of this type of business.