Slot machine business

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Despite the popular belief, the time of earning money on slot machines, after the casino was closed, did not end at all. Many entrepreneurs continue to successfully earn in this market segment. We are not talking about gambling machines banned everywhere, but about entertaining slot machines that can be installed quite legally in almost any place where there is a high attendance.

Entertaining slot machines are produced with the expectation of different ages of users. Modern slot machines are so perfect that they give the full feeling of participation in virtual reality, forcing both children and their parents to participate in the adventures offered with the same excitement.
The attractiveness of the slot machine business lies in their autonomy.
They are technically reliable, take up little space, and do not need cashiers. Such machines are also appreciated by the owners of shopping centers, since the experience of use shows that family people stay in shopping centers with slot machines 20-30% longer, and, naturally, more purchases are made during the time spent in the shopping center.
For parents and adults, in turn, this is an opportunity to combine entertainment for children with the necessary family shopping.
Therefore, it is quite easy for entrepreneurs to negotiate with the owners of shopping centers on the placement of vending machines on the territory of the center. Often it is possible to agree not even on the lease of space, but on the joint receipt of profit from the placement of slot machines. This allows you to increase business profitability, reduce costs and payback periods of investments.

Entertaining slot machines can be installed not only in the premises of shopping centers, but also in cinemas, restaurants, beauty salons and fitness centers , bank branches, stores of almost any format. Most often, entertainment slot machines are installed in children’s playrooms, but they can often be found in free areas, at transition points, in the foyer, near the entrance.

The cost of slot machines can be very different. Inexpensive models of children’s slot machines cost from 25 to 40 thousand rubles. Inexpensive models with limited functions are most often installed in shops, clinics, cafes. Modern slot machines are much more popular, for example, various simulators. Their cost is much higher, ranging from 250 thousand rubles to 2-3 thousand rubles. a piece. Such machines are already installed in the entertainment areas of shopping centers and are designed for a wider range of visitors. Naturally, the high cost of modern slot machines increases the payback period of the project, therefore, before starting a business on slot machines, it is necessary to conduct thorough preparation, study the market, and assess the level of competition.

Often such devices are purchased under leasing schemes, or borrowed funds are used. In this case, a detailed business plan will be required, without which it is impossible to obtain funding.

You can do the preparation of a business plan on your own, but you can order it, including on our website. The profitability of the slot machine business is from 20%, which makes this business segment very attractive.