Car park business plan

Business plan

Increasingly popular among entrepreneurs is the service sector, the main purpose of which is to meet the needs of the population.

But for the successful implementation of the idea and the creation of a profitable business, you need to draw up a business plan that will predict income, take into account all items of expenditure, advantages, disadvantages of the business idea, as well as the stages and timing of the project.

Benefits of a parking lot business idea

Parking will be relevant in an area with a large number of multi-storey buildings.

For a comfortable life, you need not only an apartment, but also a car. That’s just the right time to have a parking lot.

You also need to carefully study a specific area so that it does not turn out that the parking lot will be the fourth or fifth … In this case, the project will be unsuccessful.

You need to clearly know how many parking lots are in a particular area, how close garages are and how many houses and apartments are around. The advantage of a car park is that you need to spend it once and only get profit in the future, not counting the cost of staff salaries.

Also in the city, the number of motorists is constantly growing, along with the growth of the population, so the demand for a protected area for cars is always relevant.

Car Park Business Plan: Project Costs

To implement the project, it is necessary to estimate the costs for the needs, for the parking lot it is necessary:

– asphalted area 400 sq.m.;

— lighting system (16 lampposts);

– video surveillance system (4 cameras);

— checkpoint (two-story building);

— reliable fencing (concrete fence 80 meters);

— staff (7 people).

The most expensive event is to prepare the territory.
If the planned parking area is 400 square meters, its preparation will cost 1 million dollars.
The ideal option would be an area already with asphalt.

For observation you will need electricity, poles, lanterns.

  • The lighting system will cost $28,000.
  • A video surveillance system of domestic production will cost $55,000.
  • It is planned to spend 200,000 dollars on the construction of a two-story checkpoint.
  • A concrete fence, together with installation work, will cost $250,000.

Total 1.53 million dollars.

Current costs of the project

Operating expenses include staff salaries.

— Director 1 person 47 thousand rubles.

— Security guards 4 people for 30 thousand rubles.

— Cleaner of office premises and adjacent territory 2 people for 26 thousand dollars.

In total, you will have to spend 103 thousand dollars on a monthly salary, which will amount to 1.23 million dollars a year

Car Park Business Plan: Project Risks

In order for a business to generate income, you need to pay attention to the selection of personnel, people must be responsible, conscientious, not drink alcohol at the workplace, otherwise the reputation will quickly deteriorate and customers will stop putting their cars, which will entail simple and financial losses.

Issue a discount for the first customers, hold enticing events, give announcements so that as many people as possible know about you.

In order for the parking lot to work at full capacity, people need to rent up to 90% of the places for a year, this way the maximum load will be ensured and the costs will pay off within a year.

Also, do not immediately offer places at very high prices, let the first months or the first customers put their car for an attractively low fee.