Gas station business plan

Business plan

When compiling a gas station business plan, it is necessary to take into account many points and options.

Option 1: You can open a parking lot that will belong to a well-known brand and operate as a franchise, subject to the rules of the chosen network.

Option 2: you can also equip your own gas station by setting your own rules and regulations on it.

In the first case, you will have to part with a certain amount of money every year, giving about 400 thousand dollars for a franchise. On the other hand, you will receive high-quality fuel, and at first you will be offered a completely finished gas station project and a complete package of documentation.

How much does it cost to open a gas station?

Any gas station business plan must include the cost of buying or renting land.
Naturally, routes located near busy highways should be a priority.
Good access roads should lead to your parking lot. Prices for renting the territory are about 100 thousand dollars a month. According to the law, the station in settlements should not be closer than 30 meters from residential buildings and nearby buildings.
In general, it takes at least 5 thousand dollars to build a filling complex.
The gas station business plan should include the cost of purchasing equipment. Approximately 3-4 million you will need to spend on the purchase of 4 fuel dispensers with a head computer, as well as various tanks (storm system, emergency fuel transfer, fuel storage and release).

Your staff should include repair specialists, refueling operators, and a supervisor who supervises the work of the team. On average, it takes about $100,000 every month to pay the entire staff.

In the gas station business plan, include items of additional costs for the registration of numerous permits and documentation. In the case of an independent business, you will need to pay about 2 thousand dollars. Franchise — about 300-400 thousand dollars.

Plus — utilities, which usually amount to at least 10 thousand dollars a month.

Gas station business plan: project payback

Let’s calculate the income that gas stations bring.

According to statistics, it is about 2 percent of sales. In the event that the gas station has good traffic, it will sell about 30 tons of gasoline daily.
Taking into account the cost of fuel, it can be calculated that the income will be about 20 thousand dollars a day. And about 600 thousand per month.
From this amount, you must subtract the salary of employees and utility bills. The minimum balance will be $450,000.
Thus, it can be calculated that large financial investments with a successful business pay off in 2.5-3 years.
Profitability — 60 percent. The disadvantage of such a case can be considered a large initial investment of money. And also the fact that it will be necessary to issue a huge number of documents.

Car wash, convenience store, tire shop, cafeteria — all these facilities can increase your profits. In addition, for the same purpose, you can sell not only gasoline, but also more expensive fuel. In any case, the possibility of its sale should be foreseen in advance.