Design studio business plan

Business plan

The design studio business plan should be as detailed and clear as possible. You need to be very careful when it comes to pricing. At the first stages of opening, you can set prices for services that will be slightly lower than the market value.

Calculation of the amount of revenue for a design studio

The average price for a design project per 1 square meter today is about 5 thousand dollars.

Experienced designers can complete one project for a room with an area of ​​​​130-150 squares per month. However, in most cases, specialists work on several orders at once.

It usually takes an experienced designer about 3 months to decorate a standard apartment when working on parallel projects.
The income between the company and employees is divided 50/50, so that three designers are able to earn about 150-200 thousand dollars per month for the company.

Business plan for a design studio: how much to invest in a project?

When compiling a business plan for a design studio, it is necessary to consider the financial side of the issue:

  1. it takes at least 300 thousand dollars to buy equipment and office furniture,
  2. it takes about 70 thousand dollars to create and promote a website,
  3. for the salary of employees — not less than 130 thousand dollars,
  4. for the repair and decoration of the studio — about 200 thousand dollars.

The total investment in the project will be about 700 thousand dollars

If the business plan of the design studio was drawn up correctly, and the work of the organization brings a stable income, then a company of 3 designers is able to recoup all costs in one year.
However, for this it is necessary that specialists “earn” at least 800-900 thousand dollars in a year.

Business plan for a design studio: choosing a room

One of the most important points is the choice of office space. The office must demonstrate to clients that they are in a creative and creative organization.
And this means that you should not save on the registration of the company in any case.
Common sense dictates that the location of the office is better to plan in the central areas of the city, or areas with a large population.

Despite the fact that you will have to pay much more for renting an office in the center, such costs will pay off. After all, your customers will come to you from different parts of the city.
The office area may not be too large. 30 square meters will be enough for you. The main thing is that these meters are tastefully decorated.

Design studio business plan: equipment

No need to save on the purchase of powerful and modern equipment:

  • universal copiers,
  • computers for designers
  • high-quality color printer scanner and other things.

Office furniture should be chosen in such a way that it is in harmony with the overall style of the office. Large tables and comfortable soft chairs for visitors are not a luxury, but a necessity.

The opening of design studios, as a rule, is carried out by experienced specialists.
Without knowledge and practical experience in this area of ​​business, there is nothing to do.
It is best if both a marketer and a designer work in the company. At first, you should not hire a lot of employees:

  • accountant,
  • several designers
  • and Sales and Advertising Manager

— this state will be enough.

Design Studio Business Plan: Service Promotion

If you do not want to be left without customers, refuse to save on advertising. You can give it on the Internet, distribute it to acquaintances and friends.
It takes about 50-70 thousand dollars to create an attractive and informative site on the network and promote it.
But such expenses always pay off, since many customers are looking for studios on the global web.