Fitness club business plan

Business plan

Have you decided to get a fitness club, but don’t know where to start?

Well, let’s try to figure out together what a fitness club includes , how much it costs to open and maintain, how to properly organize work, and much, much more.

Fitness club business plan: at the start

The first thing you need to decide is what services will be provided in your club. Usually the default is:

  1. Fitness
  2. Gym
  3. Aerobics
  4. Shaping

As additional services that will increase the number of your customers at times, there may be:

  1. Pool
  2. Solarium
  3. Massage
  4. Mani Pedi
  5. Bar with oxygen cocktails
  6. Services of a personal nutritionist
  7. Personal trainer services
Fitness club business plan: step by step

Immediately after you have decided on the list of services provided, you should proceed directly to the implementation of your plan. For this you need:

  1. Find a suitable space, negotiate a long-term lease. It is recommended to choose a room either in a densely populated residential area, or as close as possible to business centers. This will provide you with a good flow of customers.
  2. Register your IP.
  3. Make cosmetic repairs to the selected premises.
  4. Purchase the necessary equipment: simulators, plumbing, mats, etc.
  5. Recruit staff and fully staff the fitness club with all the necessary employees.
  6. Launch a global advertising company.
Fitness club business plan: rough estimate
  1. Business Registration — $5,000
  2. Renovation of the premises — from 200,000 — 500,000 dollars
  3. All necessary furniture 500 00 -600 000 dollars
  4. Purchase of all necessary equipment from $1,000,000

Total: 1.5 — 2 million dollars
If you are interested in exact numbers, order a complete business plan for a fitness club, and experts will calculate everything for you, down to the last penny.

Pros and cons of business ideas

The main advantages of such a business are:

  1. Consistency of sales . When you acquire your client base, it is unlikely to decrease, rather, on the contrary, it will only increase.
  2. No extra agreements. This type of business does not require special permits and special commissions.
  3. Good income. With enough customers, you can earn over $90 million a year.

And now — cons:
It takes time to gain a customer base. And time is money.
In general, this is the main disadvantage. That is why it is recommended to hire good PR managers who, with the help of all kinds of promotions, discounts, and super-duper offers, will be able to make sure that a line of people who want to visit your fitness club lined up.

By the way, when ordering a business plan for a fitness club, it is strongly recommended to ask you to write down for you the cost of maintaining all employees.

Why do you need a business plan at all?

Remember, when you order a fitness club business plan, it means that you have already entered this field.

A business plan is a detailed instruction on how to do everything as correctly and profitably as possible for you, as well as in the most convenient and tempting way for your customers.

A competent approach to organizing your business will allow you to effectively use all your resources and the potential of the proposed enterprise.