Pet hotel business plan

Business plan

A well-designed pet hotel business plan can bring you excellent profits.

Especially if you receive financial assistance from investors.

For whom are you creating a hotel?

The first thing to do is to decide what kind of animals your establishment will serve. Since opening a hotel for many species of animals is too costly an undertaking.
The best option is two types of pets, for example, cats and dogs.
After your business starts to generate stable income and fully pays for itself, you can consider expanding.

Choosing a hotel location

The business plan of a hotel for animals must necessarily cover the issues of choosing a territory.

On the site, you will need to install both summer and winter enclosures. Please note that the enclosures must be separated from each other. They will need lighting, heating in the cold, air conditioning in the heat.

Finding a suitable site, which would be located within the city, is quite difficult. And therefore, you should not discard the territories that are outside the city.

In your pet hotel business plan, you should include the cost of refurbishing the site.
In some cases, the amount of such expenses exceeds 400-500 thousand dollars.

Pet Hotel Business Plan: Recruitment

Your pet hotel will never succeed if you can’t hire qualified staff.

There must be a veterinarian on staff. Be aware of the responsibility you assume when you take on someone else’s pet. If you have problems with his health, you can not do without an experienced veterinarian.

In addition, you should hire a cleaner, an employee who will walk the animals, the head of the food department.

You need a competent dog handler if your business plan for a pet hotel includes the creation of a hotel with the provision of pet training services.

How to sell your services?

Despite the fact that the number of hotels for animals is not too large yet, your establishment will need advertising in any case.

You can place it anywhere — on television, in magazines, and on the Internet.

But be careful when choosing advertising platforms. Since in some cases they are simply ineffective.

Animal Hotel Business Plan: Project Efficiency

So, summing up, we can say that it is necessary to spend about 700-800 thousand dollars to open a hotel for animals.

In addition, you need to take into account the monthly expenses, which will amount to about 40-50 thousand dollars.

As for profit, it all depends on the workload of your nursery.
In the case of hyped hotels for animals, the amount of net profit reaches 150 thousand dollars or more.
But we are talking about the summer months. Be prepared for the fact that after the vacation period comes to an end, your income will drop sharply.
In order to increase them, you can offer additional services to customers.
For example, hair and claw trimming, training, veterinary services, and so on. This business niche can be considered almost free, and therefore everything here depends on your entrepreneurial abilities.