Dry cleaning business plan

Business plan

These days, opening a dry cleaner doesn’t always seem like a good idea. Previously, when there were much fewer automatic washing machines, such an enterprise seemed more relevant.

In part, this is true, no one will carry T-shirts or pants to the dry cleaners without particularly stubborn stains.

But everyone has carpets, curtains, heavy pillows, coats, fur or suede products and other things that cannot be washed in a regular home washing machine, and dry cleaning comes to the rescue.

Business plan: the basics and prerequisites for such a business

It was said above in which cases dry cleaning helps out, but these are only individual cases.

In fact, the range of services provided by such an institution can be very wide. Life is unpredictable. It happens to everyone that a substance that is extremely difficult to wash off gets on their favorite trousers or coat. Do not throw away your favorite thing because of this ( read more about the dry cleaning business idea ).

Dry cleaning removes any stains, or almost any, saves hopeless things, it is for such “rescues” that the client appreciates these services.

Dry Cleaning Business Plan: The Relevance of This Business

It is clear that sooner or later, dry cleaning services will be useful to everyone, the more densely populated the area of ​​the city in which the institution is located, the more customers there will be.

In addition, there will always be work, regardless of the season, political or economic situation in the country — things always get dirty.

An additional incentive to open such an enterprise is low competition in this area (for more details, see a marketing study on opening a dry cleaner ).

Dry Cleaning Business Plan: Starting Investment

One-time expenses:

  • Registration and registration of the enterprise and related documentation — 10-15 thousand rubles;
  • Staff training — 10-20 thousand rubles;
  • Premises and repairs (purchase or rent) — purely individually, depending on which premises, depending on where, etc.;
  • Purchase of equipment 500-600 thousand rubles;
  • Commissioning of equipment — 10% of its cost;

Monthly expenses:

  • Rent (if the premises are rented) — purely individually;
  • Utility payments (water supply, sewerage, electricity, heating, ventilation) — depending on the area of ​​​​the premises — 20-40 thousand rubles / month;
  • Consumables (when reaching the required volumes) — 20-30 thousand rubles / month;

Also included in the monthly costs is the salary of employees:

  • Accountant — 15-20 thousand rubles / month;
  • Driver-courier — 13-16 thousand rubles / month;
  • Worker (2-3 people) — 8-12 thousand rubles / month;
  • Ironers (2 people) — 9-13 thousand rubles / month;
  • Technologist — 16-25 thousand rubles / month.
Dry cleaning business plan: what to look for?

The main thing you need to invest in is expensive, high-quality, professional equipment — it is the key to success and hard capital.

An important factor is the qualifications of the staff, especially the technologist, who is responsible for all the processes that take place with the things of customers, he monitors the correctness of the work of the performers.

Project risks and pitfalls

By and large, if a professional dry cleaning business plan is developed, there is enough money to buy equipment, and the selected staff is qualified, everything should work out.

This niche is poorly occupied and there is a huge demand, the only disadvantage of such a business is a rather long payback period for the project (at least 1.5 years).

The main steps to implement a business plan

In what sequence to act?

  • Find an intelligent technologist;
  • Together with the technologist, select and rent (buy) a room;
  • Together with the technologist, choose and buy equipment;
  • Make repairs and arrangement of the premises, commissioning of equipment;
  • Together with the technologist, select personnel;
  • Carry out an aggressive advertising campaign.

Starting such a business is quite expensive and difficult, but if everything is done correctly, you can take your niche in the market and get a good, and most importantly, stable profit for decades. Go ahead, everything will work out for you!