Hostel business plan

Business plan

In business and entrepreneurship, it is not always enough to have just a large amount of money, you also need a competent approach in the course of their investment.

It is possible to unwind and achieve financial stability with the correct preparation of a business plan, taking into account all the «pitfalls» of the chosen business.

If you want to start something small and be part of a small to medium business, you might want to consider hostel business plan.

The essence of the business is to maintain a hotel-type room at affordable prices for visitors and tourists (read more about the hostel business idea in this article ).

The main advantage of opening a hostel is the stability of such an idea — there is and will be a demand for cheap economy class housing. Therefore, choosing a good place for the location of the hostel, you can successfully build your business.

Hostel business plan: counting costs

Before proceeding to take active steps to implement the idea of ​​opening a hostel, you need to calculate all the costs of starting a business.

The main thing you need to invest in is the room in which the hostel will be located. When choosing a location, you need to take into account nearby objects in the form of:

  • bars and restaurants;
  • shopping centers;
  • parks and squares;
  • accessible transport network;
  • Universities, technical schools, etc.;
  • attractions.

1) For a hostel, you can get by with a room in the form of a 3-room apartment — buy or rent.

Renting such an apartment in a small town will cost $25,000.

2) Cosmetic repairs to refresh the interior will cost about 100-200 thousand dollars.

3) The next investment will be the purchase of furniture. We need the following items:

  • bed — 8 pieces / 47,000 dollars;
  • pillows — 16 pieces / $ 10,000;
  • blankets — 16 pieces / $ 13,000;
  • floor lamps — 16 pieces / $ 5,000;
  • cabinets — 3 pieces / $ 36,000;
  • mirrors — 4 pieces / $ 2,500;
  • tables — 2 pieces / 2000 dollars;
  • chairs — 16 pieces / $ 10,000;
  • mattresses — 16 pieces / 5,000 dollars;
  • reception desk — $5,000;

4) It is also necessary to include bedding sets, bath and hand towels, sets of dishes and cutlery. All of these purchases will cost another $100,000.

5) To maintain the hostel, you need to hire staff — an administrator and a cleaning lady, who should be paid a salary of 40,000 dollars.

6) You also need mandatory payments for consumables, Internet and advertising. In general — up to 10,000 dollars.

As a result, having calculated all the costs, you can count on $ 1,000,000 to open your hostel.

Hostel business plan: project risks

The main risk of this project is an unfortunate choice of premises and location, which can lead to a small flow of customers. How to look for clients for a hostel, read the marketing research article .

Also, you need to keep in mind that if the hostel is located in a residential building, then there may be claims from the neighbors with the noisy behavior of your guests.

Therefore, it is better to draw up a contract for renting a room in a hostel with each of them.

The main steps to implement a hostel business plan are:
  • good and comfortable accommodation for the hostel;
  • providing bedrooms with high-quality and comfortable pieces of furniture;
  • selection of experienced and friendly staff;
  • opening a laundry, retail outlet at the hostel, as an additional source of income;
  • providing advertising on booklets, in magazines, on business cards, on the Internet.

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In order to get a clear and clear idea of ​​the project that is just being born in you, as well as to present it beautifully to investors, you can always order a business plan or get advice: