Computer club business plan

Business plan

Now almost everyone has a personal computer, a laptop, or even a whole «arsenal» of all kinds of office equipment at home. Despite the availability of the prevalence of computer technology in the modern world, the opening of a computer club has a number of attractive features:

  1. First of all, a computer club is an opportunity to communicate live with like-minded people, and for some avid fans it is an excuse to get out of the house. In order to make this project more attractive and still get the inveterate stay-at-homes out of their favorite home chairs, it will be necessary to add attractiveness to the club.
  2. One of the possible options for developing a business idea is to open an additional Internet cafe, where you can not only use the Internet, but also try a delicious treat or drink a cup of coffee with fragrant foam. The opportunity to have a bite to eat, dine or just sit with friends will attract many students, students and office workers who are used to while away the time «in the company» of the Internet.
  3. A good bonus would be the provision of various additional services such as scanning and printing documents, etc.
  4. In addition, various training courses for beginners can be held in a computer club, and mass gamer competitions can be organized. It is also possible to organize entertainment such as bowling or billiards. Then the computer club will turn into a real entertainment center.

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At the first stage, it is necessary to plan activities for opening a computer club, for which it is necessary to prepare a business plan with the calculation of income, expenses, cash flow and expected profit.

Investments in opening a computer club

To implement the business plan of the computer club, its founders will need about one and a half million dollars. This money will go to:

  1. Rent of the cafe premises — 50 thousand dollars;
  2. Purchase of computers and other equipment — 800 thousand dollars;
  3. Connection to the provider and cosmetic repairs of the premises — 120 thousand dollars;
  4. Purchase of furniture — 250 thousand dollars;
  5. For advertising — 50 thousand dollars;
  6. For the purchase of consumables (cartridges, paper, etc.) — 125 thousand dollars.

If you want to equip an Internet cafe and thus attract even more visitors, you must provide for additional costs, which will amount to about 425 thousand dollars.

This will include the following items of expenditure:

  1. Arrangement of a small kitchen or workplace for cafe staff — 80 thousand dollars;
  2. Utilities — 15 thousand dollars;
  3. Staff salaries for the period of «promotion» — 110 thousand dollars;
  4. Purchase of products for a month — 50 thousand dollars;
  5. For other expenses — 140 thousand dollars;
  6. Repair of equipment, device and purchase of consumables — 30 thousand dollars.

Based on the national average prices for such services, we can expect an estimated revenue of 650 thousand dollars / month. 110 thousand of this amount will be the net profit of this enterprise.

In order to calculate the payback of the project of opening a computer club, you can follow this link:

What is required to implement a business plan?

The organizational and legal form of a computer club can be either an individual entrepreneur or an LLC. Financing of the project can be carried out on the basis of personal funds of the co-founders of the club. It will be possible to attract borrowed funds only after the first 6 months of the project implementation.

Of great importance for the successful implementation of the computer club business plan is the correct choice of the location of the future enterprise. The club should be located in a place convenient for future visitors — along the paths of movement around the city. Before opening a computer club, this issue must be carefully investigated, because the future profitability of the club will depend on it.

It is best to rent a room for a club to begin with. After it can be redeemed. For a successful start, you will need about 30 computers with Internet access. All of them should be output to 1 shared printer. It would be desirable to connect scanners to at least 3 computers.

Since the computer club will have to work around the clock, then night visitors should be provided with fresh snacks, tea, coffee, and soft drinks. A lot also depends on the level of comfort. If the visitors of the club feel comfortable, they will visit the club more than once.

To implement the project, you will need:

  • find a room with a favorable location,
  • sign a lease agreement with a subsequent right to purchase,
  • repair it,
  • purchase furniture, equipment, products and consumables,
  • hire workers.

If the business plan of a computer club involves several co-founders, it is necessary to divide responsibilities among them. While one is preparing the club for the opening, others may be engaged in hiring staff, attracting future customers.

You can see what a computer club is in the following video: