Auto parts store business plan

Business plan

According to experts, the market for spare parts for cars in Russia is approximately estimated at 50 billion dollars.

Now literally every family has a vehicle, so this area is developing quite rapidly. Therefore, work in it, organized in accordance with common sense, will be profitable and promising.

In order to open your own business of this type, you need to develop a clear business plan for an auto parts store. Without understanding the sequence of their actions in the course of the promotion of the enterprise, it will be difficult to organize its well-coordinated system.

Auto Parts Store Business Plan: Competition and Target Audience

The auto parts market can be influenced by many factors, so a professional store should keep an eye on the trends in this market, as well as take into account the quality and range of products provided.

The competition in the auto parts market is quite strong, in this regard, you need to think through all aspects, take into account the marketing policy and the location of similar neighboring stores.

In order to be better than competitors, you need to provide customers with excellent service and round-the-clock service, advertise your store, participate in various events (as a sponsor) and create your own unique website that will reflect the style of the enterprise and attract new customers. You can read about how to conduct market research and attract customers here .

The target audience are owners of cars and other vehicles who constantly need consumables or spare parts for repairs.
If you develop your store well, then in the future there will be buyers on a permanent basis, for example, wholesalers, owners of service stations or drivers with experience.

Auto Parts Store Business Plan: Legal Aspect

Registration of an enterprise takes place in the tax office in the form of «Individual Entrepreneur», it does not take much time and the minimum number of documents is required. You can read more about business registration here.

The choice of taxation system will depend on the area of ​​the premises. You can read more about the choice of taxation system in the following article. Accounting is best outsourced.

Formation of the range of goods

1. It is necessary to determine the most popular goods, that is, those that are in high demand: candles, pads, lamps, filters, belts, oils, lubricants, antifreezes …

2. It is important to have goods of different quality and price in the assortment.

3. There are goods, the demand for which depends on the season, so you need to control this process and form a range of goods depending on the needs of buyers.

Auto Parts Store Business Plan: Cost Counting

1. Premises — rent will cost from 20 thousand dollars per month, depending on the area.

2. Necessary equipment — various racks for goods, a cash register, racks will cost about 150 thousand dollars.

3. Purchase of the initial stock of goods — within the limits of 500 thousand dollars. In the future, you will have to spend about 300 thousand dollars a month to replenish the assortment.

4. Salary to employees — 60 thousand rubles.

5. Advertising — 100 thousand.

6. Other expenses — from 50 thousand.
Thus, according to this business plan for an auto parts store, opening such an enterprise will cost about 800-900 thousand dollars.

Auto Parts Store Business Plan: Project Risks

The main business risk will be that such a business will pay off and begin to bring noticeable profit in a year or a year and a half. This «crisis» period must be held out, in the future everything will be easier, because the whole system will be adjusted.

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