Nightclub business plan

Business plan

A night club is, first of all, recreation and entertainment, its main audience is young people.

To open such an institution , you need to choose a certain concept. All this is necessary for the competent organization of business and investment of funds.

So, let’s start from the very beginning, draw up a business plan for a nightclub. It has several important aspects.

Nightclub business plan: how much money is needed at the start?

Suppose we are opening a nightclub in a city of 300,000 people.

To implement the nightclub business plan, it is necessary to invest 4.2 million dollars.

Here’s where all the money will go:

  • renovation of the premises — 1,500,000 rubles,
  • registration and obtaining permits — 300,000 rubles,
  • purchase of equipment — 600,000 rubles,
  • furniture — 450,000 rubles,
  • hall rental for six months — 250,000 rubles,
  • refrigerators, kitchen utensils — 250,000 rubles,
  • advertising — 100,000 rubles,
  • cash registers — 100,000 rubles,
  • staff training — 200,000 rubles,
  • essential goods — 50,000 rubles.

Everything will pay off in 18 months.

Nightclub Business Plan: Recruitment

A separate column of the nightclub business plan is employees. Personnel need to be selected from young people from 18 to 30 years old.

It is worth explaining to them that they should be polite, sociable, not raise their voice at customers (the customer is always right), and be able to resolve conflicts. Ideally, waiters should be in uniform.

Nightclub Business Plan: Highlights

1. It is necessary to locate the building in which the nightclub will be located in the city center, near educational institutions, which will positively affect the attendance of the club. After all, the main audience of customers: young people aged 18 to 35 years, mostly of course students.

2. In the business plan of a nightclub, it is necessary to include the main services: a dance program, theme parties, corporate parties and banquets.

3. The average ticket price will be about 700 dollars, because the institution will be visited by people with low and middle incomes. Prices on weekends and holidays can be reduced to $200. For example, on March 8, you can make the entrance for girls free, this will increase the rating of your establishment.

4. For greater attendance, you need to choose the right direction of music, better of course Disco. The capacity of the room must be at least 180 people.

5. Along the perimeter you need to place tables, several vip booths, a bar counter with alcoholic drinks, sofas, high chairs near the counter. There will be a dance floor in the center. Also in separate rooms to make a kitchen, a toilet, a locker room, a utility room, a food warehouse. Everything should be done in the same style to create the right atmosphere.

Nightclub Business Plan: Menu

In addition to various services in the business plan of a nightclub, it is worth mentioning the goods. Hot dishes are not desirable for sale, since you will have to be prepared for a frequent raid by the sanitary and epidemiological service. Let it be better cuts from various fruits, sausages.

It does not hurt to offer customers several types of cold desserts. Alcoholic drinks from low-alcohol to strong cocktails.

Nightclub business plan: what needs to be done at the start?

It is better to leave the organization of the opening to the festive and advertising agencies. If this is not provided for by the nightclub business plan, then for your part, do everything possible to attract as many customers as possible: promote your establishment on social networks,

  1. create a website;
  2. place advertisements in the media (websites, newspapers, magazines, local radio);
  3. organize the distribution of flyers, leaflets;
  4. place ads on billboards, banners around the city — read more here .

But of course it is better to entrust the work to knowledgeable people, they will select the staff and put everything in its place. So we are working on creating a nightclub business plan and start making money.