Paintball club business plan

Business plan

Paintball is one of the types of team sports. The number of people who want to play is constantly growing.

People are attracted by extreme, drive, incredible sensations, excitement and new experiences. There are professional teams, various tournaments are held.

A business plan for a paintball club must take into account many factors. It will take a big financial investment, but it pays off quickly.

Paintball club business plan: target audience

The business plan of a paintball club is drawn up taking into account the target audience. In this case, it includes young people and middle-aged men. Women also take part, but mostly for the company.

Paintball can be used as an entertainment or corporate event, a sports competition, tactical training for law enforcement agencies or security companies.

An additional service may be the sale of equipment or the organization of special training for athletes.

Before opening a paintball club, you should evaluate how popular this sport is in your city, whether other clubs are open. It is not very effective to open such a business in small towns with a predominantly working population.

Paintball club business plan: how to choose a place to organize games?

To open a club, you will first need to register an individual entrepreneur or legal entity, conclude an agreement for the lease of the playing field.

An old unfinished building, a recreation center, an open area within the city or a forest glade can become a place for holding games.

If you plan to organize tournaments in the future, then it is advisable to select the site according to the requirements, on a flat area with symmetrical buildings. In other cases, use your imagination to the fullest. To create buildings, tires, the remains of old cars and boards are taken. The landscape of the area will only play into your hands.

The location of the site is preferably not far from the transport interchange. Otherwise, you will have to take care of the delivery of the players to the field. Going out into nature to play paintball, people want to relax and have fun. Therefore, take care of the comfort of customers. Equip a place for spectators and judges for a good view and possible shooting.

Build a room with dressing rooms, showers, cabinets for storing personal items and equipment.

Security is key

The speed of the paint ball can reach 90 m/s, and bodily injury may occur. It is necessary to provide for the following:

1. The field of play must be fenced with a net 3 meters high.

2. Buy quality equipment. It will last longer, and visitors will be satisfied.

3. Be sure to have a first aid kit on hand.

4. Take the form with a margin so that you are immediately ready to accept another group.

Paintball club business plan: other aspects

You can train your own staff. The most important thing is to teach the rules of the game and safety precautions.

Students can be hired as employees. At the initial stage, 2-3 people will cope with the work.

The business plan for a paintball club should include a seasonal factor. There are more games in the summer, less in the winter. Some clubs are only open during the summer.

Paintball Club Business Plan: Initial Investment

At the start of a business for organizing paintball games, you must:

  1. 20 sets (mask, feeder, marker, air system) — $ 260,000;
  2. vests, knee pads, elbow pads — from $ 5,000 per set;
  3. form — 1000 dollars / piece;
  4. protective mesh 200 sq. m — 8200 dollars;
  5. gas station — $ 4,500;
  6. packing of 2000 balls — 1500 dollars.
  7. The purchase of special inflatable fortifications will cost at least $195,000.

In general, to open your own business, taking into account the design and purchase of basic equipment, you will need at least $ 480,000.

If we take into account the purchase of special fortifications, the construction and equipment of an office, the total amount will exceed $ 700,000.

Your paintball club business plan may include other costs and prices. Despite the large investments, they will pay off quite quickly — in 10-12 months.

Recurring expenses include rent, staff salaries, supplies, equipment repairs, and taxes.

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