SPA salon business plan

Business plan

The spa business plan should include investment and operating costs.

Costs for starting a business

The cost of opening a spa salon can vary significantly depending on the size of the business you want to open. The main investment is, of course, the preparation of the premises for the spa.

At the end of the article, I specially cite two videos so that you can feel the difference between an elite spa salon and the same economy class salon. Depending on what you want to see at the output, your starting investments may differ by 5 or more times. The table below shows the average starting investment for opening an elite and economy class spa salon.

To start the business of opening a spa salon, the following expenses must be included in the business plan:

  1. Rent (purchase) of premises. For an elite class spa, a more spacious room (at least 150 m2) is required, which will be located in a more fashionable area of ​​the city. The cost of both renting and purchasing such premises may differ by 3 or more times from the costs of renting a space for an economy spa, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bwhich can be significantly smaller (from 80 m2);
  2. Room renovation. The cost of repairing the premises will be directly dependent on the flight of your imagination. The scope of the flight in the case of the opening of elite spas will be significantly larger — from 10 thousand dollars per 1 m2. In an economy class spa, you can get by with a minimalist strategy — poorer, but cleaner. Repair, taking into account the cost of work and materials, will cost here — from 5 thousand dollars per 1 m2. It is required to decorate the premises with the help of designers. Only he can create a harmoniously designed space. In any room of the salon of such a plan, the client should feel relaxation and peace;
  3. Purchase of equipment. This is one of the most significant cost items. After all, the SPA salon involves the provision of incl. water procedures (bath, swimming pool). Plus, massage is added to this, possibly salt procedures. On average, it takes at least 150 thousand dollars to purchase high-quality equipment. But here it all depends on what kind of services you are going to provide to clients and clients. When compiling a business plan for a spa salon, this issue must be worked out especially carefully. For an elite class spa salon, equipment costs can reach 50% of the total initial investment. For an economy class spa, these costs will traditionally be lower, but they can also hit the wallet of a novice entrepreneur hard.
  4. Create a stock of consumables. If in 2 words, then the spa services are as follows: you will be rubbed with something there; then wrapped so that it is something well absorbed; and then they will also massage it so that something is absorbed to the very bone marrow (more details about SPA services can be found in the article “ How to open a SPA salon?»). So here’s something — consumables. It is clear that it is necessary to provide a range of services from the very beginning of the project, therefore it is necessary to ensure the supply of consumables. One of the most important points is the choice of consumables. If you work with low-quality and simply unknown, unprofessional lines, then rich clients are unlikely to ever pay attention to your organization. Your profit ultimately depends on how effective the procedures provided in the salon will be.
  5. Expenses for furniture and office equipment. Among the equipment that any spa salon needs are computers, hot tubs, cosmetic devices, special devices, sofas, tables, chairs, cabinets. It is best to buy all this at industry exhibitions.
  6. Other expenses. These are the costs of recruitment, staff training, project promotion, registration, etc. These costs are estimated at about 15% of all other investments in the project.

Any spa salon business plan includes such an item as staffing. Recruiting staff should be done with care. Your profit will also depend directly on how qualified the specialists will be. You must find masters who do not just know how to work and provide services in the field of cosmetology. And professionals who know how to treat clients — politely and delicately. Naturally, the salary of such masters cannot be small or even average. All specialists must have valid medical books. In addition to beauticians, you will also need cleaning workers — technical staff.

Expenditures Elite SPA Economy SPA
Room area S=150 m2 S=80 m2
1. Rent of premises (at least 3 months) 150 thousand rubles (rent rate 1 m2 from 1000 rubles) 48 thousand rubles (rent 1 m2 from 600 rubles)
2. Repair of the premises (including works and materials) 1,500 thousand rubles (repair cost 1 m2 from 10 thousand rubles) 400 thousand rubles (repair cost 1 m2 from 5 thousand rubles)
3. Purchase of equipment From 5,000 thousand rubles. From 1,000 thousand rubles.
4. Creation of a stock of materials for the provision of procedures From 200 thousand rubles. From 50 thousand rubles.
5. Furniture and office equipment From 1 million rubles From 300 thousand rubles.
6. Other expenses at the start About 15% of the investment amount About 15% of the investment amount
Total starting investment RUB 9,400 thousand RUB 2,200 thousand
Current expenses for the maintenance of the SPA salon

The financial business plan of the SPA salon provides for the following expense items (we take the minimum for an economy class SPA):

  • about 50 thousand dollars for renting a room;
  • about 15 thousand for utility costs;
  • you will need to spend at least 200 thousand dollars on the salary of employees;
  • the purchase of consumables will cost at least 30 thousand dollars;
  • about 20 thousand will be spent on security and cleaning of the premises,
  • Leave 15 thousand for other expenses.

As a result, you will spend approximately 330 thousand dollars a month. For an elite class salon, these costs can be safely multiplied by 3.
Before implementing the project for opening a spa salon, it is better to calculate its payback. In order to calculate the payback of your business idea, you can follow this link:

Project payback calculation

In terms of income, on average, spa salons serve about 12-13 clients every day. At least 400 people should visit you per month. With an average check of $ 2,000, you will receive revenue of 800 thousand. You can count on a consistently high income and full payback in 2-3 years. Please note that the work of SPA salons is seasonal. In certain months, your income will increase significantly. In others, fall.

Elite SPA salon:

SPA economy class: