Taxi business plan

Business plan

One of the interesting ideas for starting your own business is organizing a taxi service.

The essence of this business is the transportation of customers. With proper organization, the taxi business will be successful and bring you good monetary benefits. By providing comfortable transportation and fast service to taxi users, you can attract a solid, regular clientele. In order not to miss anything and not to make a mistake when organizing a project, it is necessary to draw up a taxi business plan.

The main advantages of organizing a taxi business

The business idea of ​​​​opening a taxi has a number of advantages over other types of business.

  1. First of all, it is a stable profit and high financial turnover. Users of taxi services have never decreased.
  2. Another advantage is the low financial costs of organizing a business.
Taxi business plan: organization of a dispatch service

For the organized work of a taxi, you need to open a dispatch service and hire responsible workers.

  1. Before you start organizing this type of business, you need to carefully consider and draw up a taxi business plan.
  2. It is necessary to pay attention to the level of communication in the future dispatch service. After all, basically, the dispatcher of the service, the driver and the client will communicate with each other.
  3. If the budget allows, get your own fleet and hire experienced drivers.
  4. Otherwise, drivers-owners with their own cars can also be invited to work on a contractual basis.
Taxi business plan: how much does it cost?

Having created a well-thought-out business plan, let’s calculate how much, in general, it will cost to organize a taxi business idea:

  1. If the city is small, then inexpensive simple radio communications can be used to maintain communication. In a metropolis, this option is due to frequency overload, and CBS frequencies will be more useful. This type of communication will cost from $ 30,000.
  2. Alternatively, you can give each driver a walkie-talkie at half the cost with the owner.
  3. For the control room, you will need to purchase a computer with the installation of a special program — a database of all orders.
  4. The taxi business plan must also include an advertising company, which will cost about $17,000.

As a result, the most minimal investment in a taxi business plan will cost $280,000.

Taxi business plan: project payback

The payback of a taxi business idea depends on the number of customers and incoming orders. The more customers call you, the more your income will be.

However, in proportion to the volume of orders, the number of taxi drivers who need to be recruited to work in the service also increases. Accordingly, the cost of hiring taxi drivers is also increasing.

The essence of the taxi business is to mediate between taxi drivers and customers. The taxi driver’s interest is to make money, the client’s interest is to quickly get to another place. The taxi service is just an intermediary that helps to «bring» together the first and second.

Therefore, the taxi service «lives» at the expense of a percentage — that part of the income that taxi drivers give to it for mediation. They did a good job, found many clients and provided many taxi drivers with jobs — they got their percentage.
Usually, from every ruble earned by a taxi driver, the dispatch service gets about 15%.
That is, if you paid $ 100 by taxi, this amount will be divided as follows:

— $ 85 will go to the taxi driver for gasoline, car repairs and bread;

— 15 dollars will go to the dispatch service.

From this 15% you have to pay:

  1. rent;
  2. salaries for dispatchers;
  3. advertising

And what remains after deducting all these expenses is the net profit of the business owner. Therefore, it is clear that if a taxi has few orders, then it is possible to work at a loss. And, on the contrary, untwisted taxis, fulfilling hundreds of orders every day, earn a very good income for their owners.

It is ideal if corporate organizations become clients of your business. On a contractual basis, they continue to pay for transportation services, and you have regular customers.

A special item of taxi expenses is advertising. For a good business start, you must first study the client — conduct marketing research .

Another important point is a good phone number. That is why taxis do not spare money, buying gold, silver and platinum numbers. After all, a taxi with the number 33 — 33 — 33 is much easier to remember.

A complex number will be poorly remembered by customers, which will affect repeated orders.

Taxi business plan: basic organization steps

To implement the taxi project, you need:

  1. Set up a control room.
  2. Then buy everything you need — these are telephones, install a radio station, computers.
  3. Provide a memorable taxi call number.
  4. Conduct a good advertising campaign to attract a large number of customers — print taxi call contacts on calendars, business cards, etc., submit promotional business cards to newspapers, magazines, on the Internet.
  5. And, of course, hire experienced drivers, as well as responsible and sociable employees of the dispatch service.

Thus, the established business, organized on the basis of a well-thought-out taxi business plan, has great chances of success.