Veterinary clinic business plan

Business plan

A business plan for a veterinary clinic should consider all financial aspects in detail.

The main costs are expected when purchasing equipment. Its quality can be completely different, but savings should be abandoned immediately.

As for the premises, for an area of ​​​​60-70 squares you will need to pay about 50 thousand dollars a month.

Why do you need a large area facility? Because there should be a lot of functional rooms here.

You cannot do without a diagnostic room, a bathroom, an intern’s room, a manipulation room, an operating room, a reception room, and a reception desk.

If your business plan for a veterinary clinic was written correctly, and you really “work for clients”, then the investment will pay for itself in about 1-2 years.

To open a veterinary clinic, you need to obtain a license. Its validity period is 5 years. Naturally, this document is far from free.

Veterinary clinic business plan: necessary equipment

When compiling a business plan for a veterinary clinic, keep in mind that in addition to furniture, you will also need special equipment. Each room will have its own.

For example, in the operating room of the hospital it is necessary to purchase:

  • surgical instruments (about 150 thousand dollars),
  • lamp (100 thousand dollars),
  • operating table (150 thousand dollars).
  • X-ray and ultrasound machines should also be in any veterinary clinic.

Even the best business plan for a veterinary clinic will not bring you profit if you make the wrong choice of staff.

According to successful businessmen, it is the employees who give the clinic profit. After all, there are many such organizations in any area of ​​the city today. This means that pet owners have a choice. And they will go where they like.
A small clinic usually employs 3 doctors. In order to save money, one of them may not have work experience, and be engaged in the implementation of procedures prescribed by professionals.
In addition, there should be an administrator on staff who answers the phone and keeps records.

Veterinary Clinic Business Plan: Attracting Clients

At first, even the best veterinary clinic will receive only 2-3 clients per day.
This situation can last for six months.
In order to increase the flow of customers, think about good advertising. You can also attract attention if your clinic will receive clients around the clock.

Pay attention to the fact that veterinary clinics today are able to offer additional services to pet owners. For example, grooming dogs.
After about a year of work, at least 13-15 people should apply to your organization.
And in this case, it will already be possible to talk about making a profit. If this does not happen, then it will say that you have organized your business incorrectly.

And you should reconsider the approach to the case or close it altogether. Advertising can play a huge role in the success of a business. Do not try to save money on this item of expenditure, and use various promotional tools all the time.

Even after regular and numerous pet owners come to your clinic.