Flower shop business project

Business ideas by directions

The flower shop business idea is usually one of the first to be considered by female flower lovers.

Indeed, such a business seems familiar and understandable, desirable and beautiful. Add to this that the flower business is one of the most profitable and highly profitable.

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However, a flower shop business project requires a solid initial investment. We will talk about this in more detail in the article Marketing research of the flower business. In the meantime, let’s focus on the features of this type of small business.

Features of doing business: flower shop

First of all, you need to take into account that fresh flowers are a delicate and perishable product, so it is necessary to provide not only conditions for the preservation and survival of flowers, but also a high turnover of goods.

In addition, it should be noted that the flower business can be divided into several areas, each of which can be a separate business, or it can be a whole range of products and services that can be sold in a large flower shop.

Main lines of business: flower shop

1) One of these areas may be the sale of fresh cut flowers.

You can organize such a business not even in a store, but in a small pavilion located in a busy place.
Strictly speaking, this business is not so much in the sale as in the resale of flowers.
Usually, an agreement is concluded with a wholesale supplier of flowers for constant deliveries, the flowers received in small wholesale are packaged in separate bouquets and sold at retail. That is why the flower pavilion should be located in high traffic areas of potential buyers.
The profitability of this type of business is extremely high, since the margin on flowers can reach 200-300%.
However, there are risks associated with wilting flowers. Therefore, it is desirable to organize a round-the-clock sale, which entails the hiring of additional staff and, as a result, a decrease in profitability.

2) If you sell not only cut flowers, but also indoor plants, then you need to provide sufficient conditions for the growth and flowering of plants.
In this case, we are talking about a full-fledged store. The store premises must provide an appropriate microclimate and lighting, and around the clock.
But such a store does not depend on the regularity of supplies and the risks of wilting cut flowers are offset by the presence of living indoor plants.

3) The business project of a flower shop in this case may provide for its further development and provision of comprehensive services.

So, for example, sales can be expanded by increasing the range of goods: in addition to flowers and plants, you can trade fertilizers and soil for indoor plants, pots and stands, planters and insect control products.

In the future, the assortment can be expanded by selling seeds, watering systems, and so on, turning a flower shop into a kind of flower department store.

On the other hand, it is logical to organize the provision of florist services in a flower shop. By the way, one of the most profitable areas can be corporate floristry, when the store provides interior decoration services on site.

4) Floristics can also become a separate type of flower business, allowing you to earn not on the quantity, but on the quality of expensive flower arrangements.

For this type of business, you do not need to open a flower shop, but rather open a floristry boutique in places where it can be in demand: in large shopping and business centers, hotels, near theaters, elite cafes, traditional dating places.

The flower business is good because it not only brings good income, but also allows you to realize the human desire for beauty and harmony.