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Ice cream is loved and appreciated. Ice cream is in high demand in summer, when it is hot, but even in winter, a lot of people are happy to enjoy ice cream in any conditions, surprising foreigners.
The advantage of ice cream is that it is easily stored in freezers for a long time.
The prospects of the ice cream business are at least indicated by the figures that the consumption of each Russian on average per year is at least 3 kilograms of ice cream. And, despite the rather high competition, high-quality ice cream always finds its buyer.
When starting an ice cream business, there are two main types of ice cream that are offered to consumers.
The most widely offered is the so-called hardened ice cream, which is sold in the usual form of cups, briquettes, popsicles and so on. The second type is soft ice cream, which is mainly served in cafes or offered in the form of balls in parks and entertainment venues.
Ice cream types have their own advantages and can be the basis for starting your own business.
The production of soft ice cream does not require expensive equipment, production certification. For the manufacture of such ice cream, small installations and even household freezers can be used. You can place such devices almost anywhere, in cafes, small street restaurants, shopping centers. The cost of freezers capable of making several varieties of ice cream ranges from one and a half to several hundred thousand dollars. Such machines are capable of producing from 50 to 100 liters of ice cream per hour, which is quite enough for an average outlet. Soft ice cream is packed into cups and offered to customers at a fairly high trade margin. The low cost of equipment is suitable for start-up entrepreneurs and allows you to start a business with little capital.
The main problem of this option, organizing an ice cream business is finding outlets and distribution channels.
If you have your own premises, then the profitability of such a business is very high, allowing you to quickly recoup the costs and make a profit. If you have to negotiate with the owners of cafes and restaurants, then the income from the sale of ice cream will have to be shared with landlords, the profitability of the business is reduced.

The second type — hardened ice cream — differs from soft ice cream in that it can be packaged and transferred to retail outlets for long-term storage. Such ice cream is frozen to minus 18 degrees, has a solid form, but its production requires more expensive equipment and large production areas. To organize an average production, an area of ​​​​at least two hundred square meters is required, and even high ceilings of 3-4 meters are required for the installation of equipment. The cost of the equipment ranges from one and a half to five thousand dollars, however, it allows producing sufficient volumes to transfer the ice cream produced to the distribution network.
The raw materials for the production of ice cream are milk, cream, butter, sugar, various flavoring and technological additives.
To create production, it is important to have reliable suppliers of high-quality whole milk, since the cost of raw materials is a significant cost item. Various options are used for ice cream packaging — paper, waffle and plastic cups, sticks, briquettes and so on.
Despite the simplicity of the technology for making ice cream, you should monitor the exact observance of the recipe.
The size of ice crystals in ice cream should not exceed the allowable limits, otherwise the ice cream will lose the softness so beloved by consumers. To organize the production of ice cream, the largest investments will have to be made in equipping the premises, obtaining permission from the sanitary authorities, and purchasing equipment and raw materials.

The profitability of such production is from 30 to 50%. Current high profitability contributes to the return on investment during the first year of operation. Demand for ice cream in most cases exceeds supply, especially during the summer months. Good ice cream is quickly gaining popularity and allows the business owner to earn good income.

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