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Wedding agencies have a truly inexhaustible supply of potential clients. Weddings are played throughout the year, although there is some seasonality in this matter. Therefore, the business idea of ​​creating a wedding agency is in demand and promising for many years to come.

However, the competition in this line of business is very high. Before starting a business in the wedding business, it is necessary to conduct market research, carefully research the market, competitors’ services and prepare a high-quality business plan.

The demand for the services of a wedding agency is partly due to the fact that most newlyweds tend to follow certain fashion trends so that their wedding is no worse than others.

The second reason is the desire of customers to transfer all the worries of preparing a wedding to professionals who know the slightest nuances of organizing wedding events and take on numerous concerns for the celebration.
The list of wedding agency services should be wide enough to almost completely organize a wedding, taking into account all the nuances and wishes of clients.
As a rule, a wedding agency provides a full range of services, from writing a script to delivering guests and newlyweds after the wedding. Preparing and decorating the premises, organizing photo and video shooting, providing wedding accessories for use, preparing the musical part, conducting a wedding celebration, and so on. A wedding agency should be ready to offer customers a venue for a wedding, prepare options for the newlyweds’ walk route, a photo shoot program, ensure the creation of the image of the bride and groom, and stylist services.
The owners of a wedding agency should not only have experience in holding such events, but also have good connections with reliable contractors who provide high-quality services in their areas.
For example, it is better to entrust the organization of fireworks to a specialized company that can hold this part of the wedding beautifully and with a high degree of safety. In the same way, you need to be able to offer different transport options, depending on the capabilities of the customer. For photo and video shooting, wedding agencies often have their own professional photographers, however, even here it is possible to attract third-party contractors who can provide shooting services from several locations simultaneously, including the use of drones.

The initial costs of creating a wedding agency can be minimal, which attracts many competitors to the wedding business. In principle, during the period of formation, you can do without an office, meeting with clients on their territory.
The absence of an office often plays a negative role in relationships with customers.
In addition, in the office of a wedding agency, you can place samples of wedding dresses, accessories, a portfolio of already held weddings, which increases the degree of customer confidence in the performer. Opening and decorating a wedding agency office can range from $150,000 to $700,000.

The initial costs of a wedding agency should also include advertising costs, without which the search and attraction of customers is simply unthinkable.

The current costs of the wedding agency will consist of staff salaries, office rental costs, settlements with contractors, expenses for the purchase of accessories and consumables.
As for the income side, usually the wedding agency receives 10 — 15% of the cost of the wedding, with the exception of the restaurant check.
Given that the cost of a wedding translates into very significant amounts, the income of a wedding agency is also quite large. It should be noted that the profitability of a wedding agency usually reaches 10-20%. This allows you to quickly buy the initial costs, but you can achieve this level of profitability only by counting all costs, regulating relationships with contractors and acting on a pre-prepared business plan.

You can order a business plan for creating a wedding agency on our website with all the necessary calculations, which will allow you to get the maximum profit from the services provided.