Ski resort as a business

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The political processes of recent times are forcing us to look for opportunities to create new types of business related to the use of internal reserves. To a large extent, this also applies to the development of domestic tourism. For example, the growing interest in skiing has traditionally sought applications in foreign resorts. However, there are so many places suitable for the development of this sport that it is worth considering carefully the business idea of ​​\u200b\u200bcreating a ski resort.

Of course, the creation of such a large enterprise is an expensive undertaking, however, the general needs of society in the development of domestic tourism allow us to count on the interest of local authorities, obtaining loans for the implementation of such business projects.

The main condition for the creation of a ski resort is the availability of suitable terrain and roads.

In fact, these conditions are met by many beautiful territories that are willingly visited by tourists, but do not have any, even elementary, infrastructure. To implement the business idea of ​​a ski resort, it is necessary to consistently go through a number of necessary stages, create conditions for the development of several areas of activity. First of all, it is necessary to rent and legalize the right to use the territory. Since the investment in the infrastructure of a ski resort is quite large, measures must be taken to protect this investment.
When choosing a territory, it is necessary to proceed from pragmatic considerations, considering the development of roads and the electric power industry in the area.
The existence of ready-made access roads greatly facilitates the creation of infrastructure, reduces the overall cost of the project. The same applies to the presence of power lines of sufficient capacity, since the facilities of the resort will require significant resources in terms of energy supply.
The second step in the implementation of this business project should be the creation of an appropriate infrastructure.
To do this, it is necessary to design and build ski slopes, lifts, build real estate. It makes no sense when planning a ski resort to focus only on seasonal visits by tourists. A large investment in this project should be expected to have a year-round return and, therefore, it is necessary to initially plan the use of the territory throughout the year. Therefore, the basis of the future business should be the creation of comfortable accommodation facilities for guests, campsites, hotels, as well as related service facilities.

If such facilities are already located on the territory of the future resort, then it is necessary to plan their reconstruction and modernization to improve the quality of service.
Another part of the creation of the infrastructure of the ski resort should be the development of the technical base.
Since the climate in most regions does not allow skiing all year round, it is necessary to plan the development of other sports and tourism, or create artificial tracks to continue mountain sports. It is clear that both of these involve the planning of facilities and the creation of appropriate technical support.

It is quite realistic to offer complex types of services in the summer season, for example, organize a track with artificial snow, and give the rest of the territory for use for other sports: cycling, tennis, golf, bowling, roller skating, running.
It can be effective to combine elements of a ski resort and a water park, allowing you to use the territory during all seasons of the year.
The mountainous terrain also allows the development of extreme sports, which are fond of many tourists, including among wealthy people. In any case, it is necessary to build 2-3 lifts, at least 3-4 slopes for skiing, including for beginners, control systems, and also purchase specialized snow-compacting equipment.
The third step in the implementation of this business project should be the creation of appropriate travel companies that will engage in attracting and organizing recreation for customers.
The provision of transportation and accommodation of arriving tourists should be carried out by a travel operator, which, in turn, has concluded contracts for the sale of tours with travel companies. Such a variety of activities in the creation of a ski resort requires a high level of planning and elaboration of all the details of the future project. Here, as in any other type of business, you can not do without a solid business plan.

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The total investment in the creation of a ski resort can be estimated from 250 thousand to several thousand dollars. Such investments can be made if there is a real possibility of attracting about 1,000 to 5,000 tourists per day, which makes it possible to recoup the investment within three to four years. Ski resorts usually demonstrate quite high profitability, from 40 to 70 percent, and only the need for high initial investment becomes a brake on the development of such business projects.