Hobbies of businessmen

Choosing a business idea

Every aspiring entrepreneur dreams of the time when he can fully enjoy the results of his work.

Imagine for a moment that your business has already been built, that the time when every penny had to be invested in a growing business is behind you. And now there is time and money to do what you wanted to do before.

Among the hobbies of the largest businessmen there are quite unusual ones.

For example, Viktor Vekselberg collects high-end jewelry. Eugene Kaspersky travels to volcanoes. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos builds a giant clock.

But many businessmen are fond of approximately the same things:

  • golf;
  • skiing;
  • diving;
  • winemaking;
  • collecting art.

This is due to the fact that the similarity of hobbies allows them to communicate in a certain circle of acquaintances, solve some issues in an informal setting, exchange ideas.
For their hobbies, businessmen pay quite a lot of money, however, demanding a high level of quality of service.

As you may have guessed, then we will talk about how to make money on the hobby of businessmen in order to, over time, reach their level.

Indeed, a wealthy hobby business can be a very profitable business. And it’s not even about money, but about the opportunities that open up when communicating with the powers that be.
However, such a business is only suitable for those who are ready to invest money themselves and learn new things all the time.

Let’s take, for example, a hobby popular among Russian businessmen — winemaking. Many entrepreneurs treat this hobby as a prestigious part of their business. They buy vineyards, create a full-cycle infrastructure — from growing and processing grapes to creating their own brand of wine and bottling in an original bottle.

The pinnacle of winemaking technology is the wine cellar in your own home, filled with a collection of your own wine.
It is prestigious, it is beautiful, it is interesting and commands respect. But all this requires special knowledge, equipment and a lot of money.

By building your business on the provision of services for the creation of such a cycle and related infrastructure, you can earn many millions of dollars, and, moreover, doing, in fact, mediation.
However, of course, first you need to get enough deep knowledge in this area. Or have at hand specialists with such knowledge.

This is just one of the examples of how you can make money on the hobby of businessmen. The search for opportunities will prompt dozens of other options.

And who knows, maybe by tasting the jointly produced wine, you will get your chance to enter the elite of world entrepreneurs.