Starting your own business: when?

Choosing a business idea

When should you start a business? When the initial capital is accumulated, or when there is nothing yet — no money, no experience?

We think the second option is correct. After all, the most valuable thing in entrepreneurship is internal motivation, personal knowledge and own experience. It is possible to have a large initial capital and quickly lose it with no business experience.

Do not forget that starting your own business is almost always fierce competition.

Sharks always circle around a successful business, ready to bite off a piece or swallow it whole. Without experience, it is difficult to recognize hazards and calculate risks.

The personal experience acquired at the initial stage is a valuable capital in itself. Let us recall where the famous creator of Euroset, Yevgeny Chichvarkin, gained his first experience. After all, he studied business and the methods of competition in an ordinary clothing market.

It was at the very beginning that Chichvarkin suffered the first losses and learned to recognize people. This personal experience was the impetus for him to big business.

Many successful businessmen lost their money several times until they finally created a stable and profitable company. These losses were a kind of tuition fee for real business.

Of course, it is better to learn from the mistakes of others, it is better to adopt someone else’s experience and calculate the risks in advance.

To do this, we created our website to help budding entrepreneurs avoid many mistakes.

However, theoretical learning will never replace practice.

Therefore, you need to start your business as early as possible, without fear of defeat and loss. Of course, you should not invest all your funds and get into debt at the first stage. After all, there are many types of business without investments.

You can learn business by working for other entrepreneurs, learning from their experience and knowledge before starting your own business.

But even in this case, you need to behave not as an employee, but as a participant in a common cause, as a co-owner of a business.

Only in this case, one can learn to count not only income, but also expenses, to see the potential of the market and the risks of possible losses.

But, sooner or later, you still need to break away from a reliable nest and become independent, independent and responsible for everything. This is the only way to achieve success, only this way you can build your life without looking at others.

So, we suggest that you do not put off starting your business for many years. Accept our help, use our experience and start your own business, albeit small, but your own. Who knows, maybe you will be the one who can then provide jobs for thousands of other people.