Horse breeding as a business

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Horse breeding today seems to many to be something exotic and unpromising. Gone are the days when horses were the basis of transportation and agriculture. However, in the modern world, horse breeding is a serious, profitable and promising type of business. The creation of such an enterprise can hardly be attributed to a small business, since it requires quite a lot of funds, both for its organization and for ongoing maintenance and development. Horses, especially elite breeds, are extremely expensive and require a lot of maintenance and training. However, horse breeding is an extremely profitable business. But, if we talk about profitability, then a lot depends on the skillful management of the business and the use of all the possibilities of horse breeding.
The most profitable is the breeding of sports riding horses, since riding is a popular and prestigious hobby among the wealthy segments of the population.
In the case of breeding elite breeds of horses, the business of selling elite horses to sports clubs and private owners is also very profitable. Less profitable is the breeding of heavyweight horses, since the demand for these breeds is steadily declining.
The complexity of the horse breeding business lies in the need for a sufficiently large area of ​​​​land for breeding horses.
Keeping horses is expensive. For them, it is necessary to build spacious stables, a room for storing feed, fence and equip places for walking and training horses.

The initial cost of setting up this business is estimated at tens of thousands of dollars. Most of this money goes to the construction and equipment of stables and specialized facilities. But it is also necessary to allocate substantial sums for the purchase of thoroughbred horses. For the maintenance of horses, it is also necessary to hire a sufficient number of personnel, since their health and, therefore, the profitability of the enterprise depend on the care of animals.

Experience shows that the initial investment in horse breeding pays off within 4-5 years. Of course, the initial investment and scale of the business depends on the number of horses. Small horse breeding farms can get by with one or two dozen horses. However, to create a large-scale business, you need at least fifty animals. This will ensure the reproduction of horses at a sufficient level, and receive a solid profit from their sale.
Often the main income of a horse breeding farm is the organization of a riding club, the sale of horses to private owners or renting them out.
This allows you to shift the bulk of the cost of maintaining horses to private owners. The cost of riding lessons and the organization of competitions allow you to get quite a lot of additional income. Often, owners of horse breeding farms create on their territory, as sources of additional income, ostrich farms, mini-zoos, and so on. This makes it possible to attract the public and potential customers.

Many horse breeding farms accept private clients for the maintenance of horses, receiving a solid reward for this. Thus, the farm more fully utilizes the staff of grooms, unifies animal care operations and ensures the efficiency of the enterprise.
Another source of additional income is the sale of substandard and old animals to meat processing plants, since most elite sausage varieties use horse meat in their recipes.
Horse breeding is a complex and expensive undertaking. For its formation and development, it is necessary to act as professionally as possible and strive to use every opportunity to save money.

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