Bar marketing research

Marketing research

The implementation of the bar business idea will only be successful when the owner of the establishment manages to attract enough customers to make a profit. To do this, you need to conduct a preliminary marketing research and determine the target visitor, as well as the competitive environment.

First of all, marketing research should be aimed at determining the needs of future customers and their target group.

The main question is who will mainly visit your bar?

If there are stadiums or institute buildings nearby, then you should think about opening a sports or beer bar. An excellent place to open such a bar can be the proximity of an entertainment complex.

Under the roof of the fitness center, a fresh bar with green or herbal tea and freshly squeezed juices would be more appropriate.
By the way, such a bar can bring a much higher income than an alcoholic one, with a much higher profitability.

Along with choosing the theme of the bar, you need to carefully research the nearest area to identify potential competitors.

Agree that two beer bars close to each other will surely create problems for the owners. But the oxygen bar does not interfere with the beer, they have different target groups of visitors.

An important condition for the success of the future bar is the choice of premises.

The desire of many aspiring businessmen to place a bar in the basement is a common mistake. It will be difficult for a new bar to attract customers to such an establishment, although, as a rule, renting a basement is cheap.
When arranging the bar premises, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the sanitary services and the fire inspectorate, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to obtain permission, especially after the tragedy in the Lame Horse.
It is also worth considering the need for a sufficient number of cubicles in the toilets, especially when organizing a beer bar.

The amount of initial investment in the implementation of the bar business idea will depend mainly on the cost of repairing and arranging the premises, obtaining permits and the cost of furniture, utensils and equipment.

As for the equipment, its composition, quantity and cost depend on the theme of the bar. It is clear that in a beer bar you need to provide a lot of taps and containers for draft beer. And in the fresh bar there are several machines for obtaining different varieties of fresh juice.

Experience shows that the initial investment in opening a bar ranges from 300 thousand to a million dollars.

The current costs of the business will consist of staff salaries, food and beverage purchases, rent and utilities, and advertising costs.

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