Marketing Research: Tire Fitting Business

Marketing research

The implementation of a tire fitting business idea should begin with an assessment of the benefits of this business and the possible costs for its organization.
First of all, it must be taken into account that the competition among tire shops is extremely high.
This type of business is not difficult to organize, so many people open a workshop without assessing all the risks. And then they wonder why some people get rich quickly in this business, while others barely make ends meet.

What should I pay attention to when opening a tire shop?

1) First of all, you need to determine in which premises you are going to organize your business.

2) then carefully research the surrounding area to identify competitors, their advantages and disadvantages.

For the tire fitting business, the convenient location of the workshop and the availability of good access to it are critical.

It’s great when there is at least a small parking lot for two or three cars next to the workshop, otherwise it will not be possible to ensure stable work: customers will leave without finding where to park the car.

3) Next, you need to determine how suitable the premises are for the provision of services.

After all, it is necessary to place equipment not only for tire fitting, but also related services: cleaning wheels, balancing, and so on. If the premises are rented, then you need to take into account that in bustling places the rent can be so high that it will eat up a significant part of the income.

Costs of setting up a tire fitting business

The cost of organizing a tire fitting business is divided into two parts:

— initial,

— current.

Initial costs include the cost of planning and repairing the premises and the purchase of equipment.

The room for tire services should be at least 40-50 square meters. Ideally, if you can equip a small waiting room for customers, in which you place showcases for small related products. This will bring additional profit through retail.

Of the equipment for organizing a tire shop, you will need a tire changer, jacks or a crane, a compressor, a vulcanizer and a balancing stand.

Of course, a tire cleaning machine would not hurt, but this is an additional cost. By the way, if you do not provide tire washing services, you can earn money by selling packing bags.

The minimum cost of equipment will be at least 100-150 thousand dollars.

As for the current costs, they will consist of the rent for the premises, utilities.

However, you can order an exact cost calculation for your specific case and a detailed business plan on our website. This will allow you to accurately assess the profitability of the future business and avoid unnecessary risks.