Call Center Marketing Research

Marketing research

Conducting a marketing research to implement the business idea of ​​a call center is necessary for a preliminary assessment of the profitability of a future project, as well as determining the level of demand and competition.

At the first stage of marketing research of a call center, it is necessary to determine the scope of services that the future call center can provide.

To do this, you need to carefully study potential customers of customers. They should be sought among enterprises and organizations that are interested in contacts with customers. They can be banks, medical and educational institutions, various state and budgetary institutions, companies involved in the sale of goods and services, as well as many other commercial companies.
All these potential customers have one thing in common: the desire to simplify their own work on processing customer phone calls, as well as relieve their employees from part of the routine work of communicating with customers.
To attract customers after the creation of the call center, you will need to convince the customer of the profitability of concluding an agreement with the call center. To do this, you will need to know quite well the specifics of the customer’s work, as well as the problems that arise in working with customer phone calls.
The premises for the call center do not have to be located in the business or central part of the city.
This will save significant funds for the purchase of premises or its lease. However, keep in mind that a call center requires good communication lines and a fast and reliable Internet connection.

The size of the room depends on the number of operator workstations that you plan to place. In addition to the working premises in which the operators will be accommodated, it is necessary to plan the availability of a rest room and food, toilets. It is also desirable to provide for the possibility of carrying out physical unloading, which is necessary for operators during prolonged work.

When planning the working area for the placement of operators, one should proceed from the calculation of about 1.5 square meters per operator.

The initial costs for the implementation of the call center business idea will consist of the costs of acquiring the premises, its repair and equipment, the purchase of furniture, technical means of communication, computer equipment, the organization of dedicated communication channels and free numbers such as 8-800.
In the case of concluding contracts with state or budgetary institutions, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the law on personal data and spend additional funds to ensure the security of access to the call center, as well as the organization of secure communication channels.
The initial costs must also include the cost of acquiring licensed software.
Experience shows that the initial costs of organizing a call center, depending on the number of jobs, range from 500 thousand to several thousand dollars.
The running costs of a call center will consist of the cost of renting the premises, utilities, communication costs, maintenance costs, and, especially, wages.

Employee salaries make up the largest part of a call center’s costs, as the efficiency of a call center is typically tied to its 24/7 operation. This requires recruiting enough staff to run the call center in multiple shifts.

The profitability of a call center business is usually from 20 to 25 percent, however, the effectiveness of a call center business idea largely depends on the proper organization of its work, the effective construction of business processes, the level of staff qualifications and the quality of services.

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