Marketing research on opening a private kindergarten

Marketing research

When starting to implement a business project for a private kindergarten , you must first collect a lot of information that will help in the future when building your own business. For this, marketing research is needed.

First of all, you need to understand that working with children requires licensing. This is perhaps the most difficult part of a business project, since obtaining a license requires a number of conditions to be met.

The main condition is the availability of suitable premises. It is from the search for this room that you need to begin your research, since further actions become meaningless.

The premises of a private kindergarten must comply with sanitary and fire regulations, and also be spacious enough, at the rate of at least 6 square meters per child. It should have separate rooms for games, for sleeping, a separate room for cooking, a sports complex, sanitary conditions and so on.
It is clear that an ordinary apartment is not suitable for creating a private kindergarten. Therefore, you need to look for a suitable room, and then get permission to use it.
I would like to make a reservation right away that low incomes most likely will not allow renting such a room at commercial prices. Therefore, you need to look for an owner who will agree to transfer the premises for use free of charge, or for a nominal fee. This owner can be the administration, or an enterprise that has an ownerless premises on its balance sheet.

Repair and equipment of such premises will cost at least half a million dollars, so it is necessary to look for a sponsor who will agree to participate in such a necessary and noble cause.
You can, of course, take a bank loan for this purpose, but current expenses, especially at the first stage of activity, will not allow you to repay the loan in a short time.
In addition, you need to take into account the current costs for qualified personnel, without which you will not receive a license, for toys and manuals, bed linen, towels, pots, hygiene items, food, and so on.

It is necessary to provide children with healthy and tasty food, organize walks and sports activities. At the same time, do not forget about the safety of the children entrusted to the kindergarten.
To obtain a license, it will also be necessary to prepare and coordinate educational and educational programs.
All these problems make the business project of a private kindergarten quite complicated and expensive. Therefore, you need to carefully consider all the little things so that they do not turn into big problems.

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