Marketing research on opening a dry cleaners

Marketing research

With the help of marketing research on the creation of dry cleaning, you can preliminarily assess the profitability of the future enterprise and open a dry cleaning business , as they say, with open eyes.

First of all, you need to determine the presence of competitors in your city or area.

If there is already a major competitor with its own production, then it makes sense to consider joining it using a franchise. In this case, it will be enough to organize a collection point for receiving things for dry cleaning and issuing them to customers. And with the main manufacturer to agree on the size of the commission and the organization of business processes.
By the way, this option can be beneficial not only to you, but also to a potential competitor. This will allow him to focus on production, leaving you to work with customers.
As for the needs of the population, for example, in Europe there is one dry-cleaning station for every 5,000 people. We have this indicator ten times different. Therefore, the volume of work and income is practically guaranteed.

In the event that there are no competitors at all, and this is not such a rarity in our time, then in order to open a dry cleaning business, you will have to organize production yourself.

First of all, you need to find a suitable room.

Due to the use of chemicals in the production process, certain requirements are imposed on the dry cleaning room. In particular, the premises must be located at least 50 meters from residential buildings, grocery stores and catering establishments.
That is why the processes of receiving and issuing things and the dry cleaning itself are often separated. That is, they open the main production in a separate room, and the reception points are located in residential areas and residential buildings.
In this case, the repair and equipment of the premises can be done taking into account only production processes, without spending money on the design and comfort of the client hall.

When choosing a room, it is necessary to pay attention to the energy intensity of electrical networks, the availability of water supply, sewerage and ventilation. In any case, these parameters are critical for the creation of dry cleaning.

As for the technological equipment, for the creation of a small production, steam pneumatic mannequins for outerwear and trousers, a dry cleaning machine, a staining booth, ironing tables, washing machines and dryers, a collar and cuff press, a steam generator and compressor, a dyeing booth and other equipment, depending on the list of services provided.

Therefore, the initial cost of creating a dry cleaning business can be estimated at about 150-170 thousand dollars, not counting the costs of creating collection points.

Operating costs will consist of employee salaries, transportation and utility costs, equipment maintenance and cleaning supplies, taxes, and so on.

Exact calculations for opening a dry cleaning business , as well as a detailed business plan, taking into account specific conditions, you can order on our website.