Marketing research on opening a confectionery

Marketing research

Starting your own bakery business can take many forms. However, in any case, it is necessary to carry out preliminary preparation. And in this case, you can not do without conducting marketing research on opening a confectionery.

The implementation of a confectionery business idea is impossible without a room. And, since the premises will be used for the manufacture and sale of confectionery, it must comply with sanitary standards.
Therefore, when looking for premises for a confectionery, you should immediately take into account the need to obtain a permit, especially when you organize your own production of unique products, and do not use semi-finished products.
The cost of equipping the premises will therefore depend on how well the premises initially met sanitary standards. If the premises of the former cafe are used as a pastry shop, the costs will be the same, and if the premises have to be equipped from scratch, then others.
Confectionery products are subject to increased requirements in terms of sanitation, regular checks are carried out. However, the profitability of such products is much higher.
If a mini-cafe is supposed to be organized in a confectionery, then the premises should be looked for in places of high traffic.

But in any case, one should not forget about one more mandatory requirement: the availability of parking for cars. If a pastry shop even just sells takeaway products, then you can’t do without a parking lot, you can’t take the cake far in your hands.

And, of course, it is necessary to research the market of competitors. Indeed, if they are available near the future confectionery, you will have to spend more money on advertising.
However, if you can offer unique products, the proximity of competitors can even play into your hands.
Equipment costs will depend on production volumes. Naturally, if a confectionery produces products on its own, then you cannot do without a good line and a confectionery oven. If frozen cakes and pastries are used, then the emphasis should be on spacious refrigeration equipment and display cases.

A significant component of current costs, in addition to rent, utilities and employee salaries, will be the purchase of products and packaging.

The implementation of a confectionery business idea is impossible without good quality packaging. This should also be taken care of at the stage of marketing research, having clarified in advance the prices, conditions for the manufacture and delivery of packaging. After all, it is desirable to use your own branded packaging, convenient and durable.

At the planning stage, transport costs should also be considered. The fact is that confectionery products are perishable. Therefore, it is worth looking in advance for additional sales channels for products, for example, through small cafes or shops. And for this it will be necessary to ensure the delivery of products.
By the way, when planning costs, it is also necessary to take into account the costs of passing medical examinations by personnel, including drivers and loaders.

More accurate calculations and a business plan for opening a confectionery

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