Marketing research on opening a bakery

Marketing research

The implementation of a bakery business idea is not a project without initial investment. However, they are not too large compared to other projects.

The preparatory work for opening a bakery must necessarily include marketing research. First of all, you need to decide on the premises.

The bakery is one of the industries that are under the close attention of supervisory authorities, especially sanitary ones. Therefore, when choosing a room, it is necessary to take into account not only its convenient location, but the possibility of fulfilling sanitary standards.
However, a business can only be successful if it has customers. Therefore, at the same time it is necessary to consider the room from this side.
Be sure to provide for a good entrance to the bakery and parking. After all, many people will want to stop by for fresh pastries after work or during their lunch break. Moreover, parking is needed if a mini-cafe is equipped with a bakery.

A good location for a bakery can be considered places with high traffic, and not necessarily in the business part of the city. Setting up a bakery inside a sleeping area can bring even more profit than in the center. The main thing is to provide convenience for customers.

When conducting marketing research on opening a bakery, it is also necessary to determine the target group of buyers, since the range of products depends on this.
For example, if a bakery is located near an educational institution or office, then various pies and buns can become its main running assortment. And for residents of a sleeping area, hot bread may become more important.
The initial costs of opening a bakery will consist of the costs of repairing and equipping the premises, purchasing and installing equipment, and obtaining permits. The set of bakery equipment depends on the range of intended baked goods and the scale of production.

As a rule, the list of bakery equipment includes a baking oven, a dough kneading machine, a dough sheeter, a proofing cabinet, a flour sifter, various tables, bathtubs, scales, trolleys, racks and other equipment.

The current costs of implementing a bakery business idea will consist of the cost of renting premises and utilities, staff salaries, transportation costs, raw material procurement and advertising costs.

The experience of implementing mini-bakery business projects shows that the estimated initial costs range from 1200 to 1500 thousand dollars.

However, you can order more accurate calculations and a ready-made business plan for opening a bakery in relation to your specific conditions on our website.