Marketing research of a telecommunications company

Marketing research

When implementing a business idea for a telecommunications company , it is necessary to conduct marketing research, since high competition in this service market carries the risks of implementing ideas.

Marketing research of a telecommunications company aims to identify:

  • the level of competition;
  • the market share occupied by each participant;
  • Services;
  • assessment of the quality of services by the population and legal entities, and the degree of satisfaction.

These are the most important parameters for determining the future market segment that a new telecommunications company will occupy. Therefore, marketing research should begin with the definition of these parameters.
It is possible to identify the degree of satisfaction, as well as the demand for new communication services from the population and small enterprises, using questionnaires or surveys. Determining the needs of large corporate clients will require face-to-face meetings, if not with company management, then at least with technical specialists.

At this stage of marketing research, it is also desirable to determine the level of prices for certain services, so that, as a result of marketing research, it would be possible to assess the profitability of this project and its payback period.
Based on the data obtained, it is necessary to determine the list of services that the new telecommunications company will provide.
Most often, new companies are limited to providing Internet access, services for providing television channels, as well as selling various equipment and accessories. However, in some cases, the quality of services provided in the local market may not satisfy consumers, so telephone services or corporate services may be more profitable.

The business idea of ​​a telecommunications company is closely related to obtaining a license and permits for activities.

When conducting market research, it is also necessary to evaluate the possibility and costs of obtaining appropriate licenses. The time required to obtain a license often far exceeds the time required for the technical preparation of a new enterprise. Therefore, active actions for the implementation of the project, as well as the recruitment of personnel, should be started only after obtaining a license, so as not to burden the project with unnecessary costs.
Naturally, obtaining a license should be carried out only after the main direction of the company’s activity and the list of services that will be provided to the public and legal entities have been selected.
Based on the list of services offered, it will be possible to select premises for a future telecommunications company. If the activity of the future company is related to the provision of services to the population for providing access to the Internet and cable television, then it makes sense to locate the main equipment of the company closer to those microdistricts in which the provision of services will be carried out in order to reduce the cost of laying communication channels.
The premises themselves must be equipped in accordance with the requirements of the law, taking into account fire safety, as well as the requirements of the law on the security of personal data.
The initial costs of establishing a telecommunications company will consist of the costs of acquiring, repairing and equipping the premises; organization of communication channels, including to consumers; costs for the purchase of technical equipment; obtaining a license; conducting an initial advertising campaign.

The operating costs of a telecommunications company may include the costs of renting premises and utilities, staff salaries, communication services to partners, maintenance and software updates, as well as consumables and ongoing advertising.
Experience shows that, depending on the list of services offered, as well as the level of purchased equipment, the initial investment in the implementation of the business idea of ​​a telecommunications company can range from several thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars. The income of a telecommunications company, respectively, can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

The payback period is highly dependent on the number of customers that can be attracted during the deployment of the company. It can range from a few months to two or three years.

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