Marketing research on vending machines

Marketing research

Marketing research in the implementation of the business idea of ​​vending machines is absolutely necessary, since the profitability of this type of business directly depends on the demand and turnover of goods.
First of all, you need to decide on the location of the machines, this is the most important point of the study!
After all, a vending machine is the same store, only in miniature. Therefore, for the machine, as well as for the store, buyers are needed. These buyers can be found in the most visited places. However, the product range of the vending machine must meet the needs of potential customers.
For example, it makes no sense to install a factory-packed chilled drinks vending machine in the lobby of a grocery store. But at the airport, at the train station or in the hall of a higher educational institution, it will definitely pay off.
Hot drinks cannot be drunk in the underground passage, where there are constant streams of people. But where there are queues, where people have to wait, hot drinks from a vending machine will come in handy.
So, the main conditions for choosing the installation location of the machine depend on the range and patency.
Often the method of installing mutually complementary automata works very well. For example, snack machines next to hot drinks vending machines. This option is ideal for people who need to eat on the go.

When arranging the machines of the vending network, it is necessary to take into account the need for their maintenance and collection. Therefore, the choice of location should also take into account the possibility of access to the machine by service personnel.
By the way, the cost of maintenance should be included in the running costs of the vending machine business.
It is also advisable to connect the vending machines to a permanent monitoring system, because an idle vending machine means lost money. However, communication costs must also be taken into account.

So, as an initial cost, you need to take into account the costs of buying the vending machines themselves, their delivery and installation. These costs depend on the type of machines, the conditions of their delivery and quantity.

And operating costs will consist of staff salaries (or deductions to the company that has taken over the maintenance of the machines), rent to the owners of the premises that house the vending machines, the cost of purchasing a range of products, and also transportation costs.

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