How to open a lingerie store

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Although underwear is not flaunted, its importance in the wardrobe of any person, especially women, is especially great. A careful choice of lingerie, despite the intimacy of this action, many do not spare money, so it makes sense to consider this side of life as an occasion for organizing a business. The reason to open a lingerie store lies not only in a wide customer base, but also in the frequency purchases, as this part of the toilet has to be changed quite often.
The opening of a lingerie store promises good prospects for its owner.
As in other cases, you can not start this business without researching the market and studying the competitors. The main customers of such a store, of course, will be women, although men often buy intimate gifts for their loved ones. But, nevertheless, it is difficult to please women, whose range of tastes is extremely wide. Studying demand should be one of the first steps in building a new business.
One of the options for starting a business is to buy a franchise of a well-known brand.
This removes many issues related to the choice of assortment, window dressing, and advertising campaigns. The franchise allows you to quickly start selling, since the actions of the entrepreneur are pre-scheduled in the business plan. On the other hand, the use of underwear models of a limited number of brands narrows the circle of buyers looking for underwear to their liking. Therefore, the use of a franchise is justified in cases where the store is supposed to be of an elite class, or at least above average.

It makes sense to locate such a store in the central part of the city, near transport interchanges, in shopping centers. Large shopping centers always have several such stores, as they are centers for attracting customers.
The profit of the store is highly dependent on the number of visitors and the total turnover of goods.
Therefore, the choice of the location of the store premises must be approached very responsibly. Extremely careful attention should be paid to the interior design of the interior, its lighting.
Beautiful linen must be matched by beautiful furnishings, otherwise the value of even an elite product will decrease.
And vice versa, in a respectable store and inexpensive goods acquire a new charm. Therefore, the bulk of the initial investment will be for the repair and decoration of the premises. Approximately these costs can range from 600 thousand to one and a half thousand dollars, including the cost of commercial equipment. About 300 thousand more will be spent on registering a business, buying a cash register, and advertising. The purchase of goods will require another one and a half to two million dollars of costs.

And in the current costs, the cost of the premises, its rent and utilities, will take not the last place. Although, all the leader in costs will be staff salaries. By the way, it is recommended, when drawing up a business plan, to take into account the costs of training sellers, since the income of the store will depend on their skills.

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