How to organize a disco

Business ideas by directions

The desire of young people to lose excess energy, have fun and socialize, is fully realized in entertainment venues such as nightclubs and discos. The popularity of these establishments continues to be high, despite the change in musical tastes and trends. A disco differs from a nightclub in more affordable prices and less stringent requirements for passing face control. Nevertheless, a disco, if properly organized, can become no less profitable business than running a nightclub.
When starting a disco business, it is very important to come up with a concept that will distinguish its events from many others.
It is the originality of the disco that is the main advertisement to attract visitors. Experts recommend changing the disco concept every two years to maintain its popularity. The profitability of a disco is directly dependent on the number of visitors, so its organizers need to pay great attention to creating the appropriate atmosphere for parties.
Equally important are the creative and professional placement of sound and lighting equipment, careful planning of parties and professional preparation of scenarios.
As for the design of the room, it is secondary in comparison with the organization of sound and light. Often discos are popular, held in practically unequipped premises, with bare brick walls, or even in simple metal hangars.

As for the selection of premises, it is necessary to be guided by the following basic requirements:

  • the disco room must be separated from the living quarters, otherwise lawsuits cannot be avoided;
  • the area of ​​such a room should be at least 200-400 square meters, with a ceiling height of 4-5 meters.

Since the majority of disco visitors are young people under 35 years old, its premises should not be located too far from public transport stops, otherwise the risks of low attendance increase dramatically. In addition, it is desirable to have a parking lot next to the premises. Since there are not so many premises that meet such requirements, rental of other people’s premises, such as gyms, fitness centers, clubs of industrial enterprises, can be used to organize and hold discos. During the day, such premises usually work according to their own schedule, so that in order to use them in the evening and at night, it is necessary to be able to quickly convert the premises into a disco.
To implement such a business idea, it is necessary to have quick-assembly equipment, including bar counters, modular lightweight furniture, collapsible structures for installing light and music equipment.
Such structures should be easily assembled and disassembled within 1-2 hours. This allows you to maximize the use of the premises, both during the day and at night. The owners of the premises receive additional income, the organizers of the disco get rid of the need to maintain the building, the cost of security and public services.
A business of holding school and student discos can work on a similar principle.
In this case, it is convenient to have sets of collapsible equipment and use the premises of schools, secondary and higher educational institutions for discos. The organization of such discos shows high profitability, since the costs of their organization are much lower than the creation of stationary discos.

As for the initial costs of organizing such mobile discos, they can range from 300 thousand to a million dollars, spent mainly on the purchase of sound and light equipment. In the case of using your own premises, it is necessary to provide for significantly higher costs for the repair and decoration of the premises, the organization of access control and security, the provision of fire extinguishing systems, the purchase of furniture, and so on. In this case, the initial cost of creating a disco as a business can be up to 10 thousand dollars.

The current costs of the disco consist, in addition to staff salaries, also of the costs of attracting subcontractors to organize sound design and a laser show.
Very important for the success of a disco is the presence of good creative teams that are able to prepare an interesting scenario, make a high-quality selection of popular music, and organize a high security of the disco.
To increase popularity, you can conduct various promotions, announce a shareware entry, organize interesting contests.

When planning the income of a discotheque, one should count on receiving income, first of all, from the sale of entrance tickets. The sale of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes can generate significant income, but often discotheque visitors, especially young people, do not buy alcohol on the premises, so the sale of drinks can only be planned as additional income.

As far as promotions with free admission are concerned, the conditions of the promotion should be such that the majority of visitors are forced to buy tickets, and only a small part can enter for free.

The profitability of organizing a disco is high.

Even when using a stationary room, profitability can reach 25%. When organizing mobile discos, profitability can reach 100 percent or more, allowing you to quickly recoup the initial costs. Naturally, the profitability of such a business is highly dependent on the popularity of the disco and the ability of the organizers to use all the opportunities to attract visitors.

A high-quality business plan can radically increase the profitability of an enterprise, if there is a creative approach on the part of the disco organizers.