How to open a water park

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Water parks are gaining popularity every year. If recently this type of entertainment was rather unusual, today it is becoming a tradition for many families to regularly go to the water park.

Indeed, it is difficult to come up with a better place for family entertainment, which both adults and children equally like.

Therefore, it is not difficult to predict a further increase in the number of water parks, and, therefore, the business idea of ​​a water park will attract the attention of entrepreneurs for a long time to come. Moreover, the profitability of such a business often reaches 50-80%.

The water park business idea can be implemented in a variety of ways.

The cheapest option is designed for seasonal use and is more suitable for southern resort areas. We are talking about a small inflatable water park, which is located right on the water near the beach. To place it, it is enough to agree with the owners of the hotel or boarding house and deduct part of the profit to them.
The initial cost of creating such a water park will be from 2 to 4 thousand dollars.
A set of equipment is usually purchased as a whole and assembled on site. Since electricity will be required to maintain pressure in the elements of the water park, this will also need to be agreed with the owners of the territory.
However, to organize a water park, you can rent or purchase a piece of land.
In this case, the profitability of the water park can be dramatically increased, since a small summer cafe or bar can be placed on the territory. True, in this case, the initial costs will increase significantly, since it will be necessary to conduct electricity and water to the territory, equip parking and sanitary facilities. However, the profitability of the enterprise will also increase.

If it is possible to use large investments, then an even more profitable project will be the construction of a stationary water park, designed for a large flow of visitors and providing a range of services and entertainment. Such a water park can include not only water rides, but also restaurants, recreation areas, spas, sporting goods stores, showers, and so on.
The amount of investment in the creation of such an open-air water park reaches 3-5 thousand dollars, however, its profitability is immeasurably higher.
True, this option also has a pronounced seasonal character, so it makes sense to build it only in the south, where the swimming season lasts several months. To eliminate seasonal restrictions, stationary closed water parks are being built that receive visitors all year round and make a profit all year round. These are serious architectural and technical structures, so investments in them amount to tens of thousands of dollars.
The construction of such a water park will require a lot of permits, especially after the well-known tragic events.
However, the profitability of the water park attracts more and more participants to this area of ​​the market. Naturally, making such a large investment should be done after careful marketing research and on the basis of a solid business plan.

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