How to open a bowling alley

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A bowling club, as a business, is one of the rather expensive enterprises, so not every entrepreneur can choose this direction for himself. On the other hand, the need for serious investment greatly reduces competition in this market segment. The demand for bowling services is constantly growing, this type of sports entertainment is becoming more and more famous and popular among people of all ages.
The attractiveness of bowling as a business lies in the high profitability of such clubs. Despite the investment that is required to set up a bowling alley, investment in it usually pays off within 1.5 — 3 years.
In order to create a bowling club, it is necessary to prepare the appropriate premises, buy and install special equipment. The cost of initial investments in such a project can be estimated at amounts from 300 thousand to thousands of dollars. Naturally, not every entrepreneur can afford such investments.

The opening of a bowling alley is hampered by another circumstance. To equip such a club, it is necessary to choose not just a large room, but a room with an area of ​​​​two to three thousand square meters, without partitions and columns, and the ceiling height is required at least 4-5 meters.
Finding premises is a serious problem, since even when creating new shopping centers, owners often cannot allocate such areas, especially without columns.
The construction of such a building, obviously, will greatly increase the total cost of investment, especially since the bowling alley should be conveniently located in the city center, where land is very expensive.
This circumstance is one of the main reasons for the low competition of bowling clubs.
Therefore, before starting such a business, it is necessary, with the help of market research, to identify a suitable area and find the right premises. As for investments, most of these projects are implemented with the help of borrowed funds or leasing schemes. Naturally, during the negotiations on the issuance of a loan, it will be necessary to provide calculations and a reasonable business plan.
As for the installation of the equipment itself and planning the area of ​​the premises, it should be taken into account that the cost of maintenance and repair of bowling lanes is highly dependent on their number.
The best option for a bowling club is to have 10 bowling lanes. This allows you to optimize costs, and attract enough players to generate the required level of income. For the arrangement of one bowling lane, from 50 to 60 square meters of space is required.

In a bowling club, it is also necessary to provide a recreation area for customers, a small bar or cafe, a dressing room, and other related premises. So, for example, bowling goes well with establishments where women can usefully spend time while their husbands play in the club.
It can be a hairdresser, beauty salon, solarium or spa.
The peculiarity of the bowling club is that people come to it not only to play, but also to relax, chatting. Therefore, an effective means of generating additional income is the equipment next to the bowling alley of a small cafe or restaurant. Holding corporate competitions or events in a bowling club also brings quick income. As a rule, this allows you to completely occupy all the tracks for several hours, providing yourself with full-fledged revenue.

The initial costs of creating a bowling alley, as we have already noted, amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

Running costs also amount to considerable amounts, since bowling clubs often work most of the day, that is, a fairly large number of staff must be hired to service them. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the safety of guests, the excellent technical condition of the tracks, and the rent for the premises, as a rule, is a considerable amount.

However, a bowling alley’s income typically reaches several thousand dollars a month and allows you to quickly buy the money invested. The profitability of a bowling club is 25-28%, which is a very good indicator in the entertainment business.

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