How to open a bakery

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Bread is the head of everything, as they say in Russia from time immemorial, and, despite fashionable diets, bread consumption remains consistently high.

The daily demand for bakery products confirms the conclusion that the bakery business idea has every chance of being successful. However, today the shortage of bread is felt only in remote settlements, where the delivery of goods is carried out once or twice a week. In urban stores, the assortment of bakery products has long gone beyond a few types.
Therefore, before opening a bakery, it is necessary to conduct a thorough marketing research and study the market, demand and competition.
Bakery products have a short shelf life. To maximize profits, losses from unsold products must be avoided. It is important for the owner of a bakery to be able to accurately calculate the quantity and range of baked products so that everything is sold without a trace.

It makes no sense for a private bakery to compete with large firms in baking traditional breads. Its products must be distinguished from others by the originality of the recipe and excellent taste in order to win the recognition of consumers and gradually increase the company’s market share. At the same time, in order to save resources, the assortment should be limited to several types of bread. These can be popular varieties of black or coarse grain bread, bread with fillers, various flatbreads and rolls. It may be beneficial for a private bakery to cooperate with one or two restaurants, for which original bread or buns will be supplied on regular orders.
Setting up your own bakery can cost, as experience shows, between $2,000 and $5,000.
The main part of the initial investment will be the renovation of the premises and bringing it in line with the requirements of the authorized bodies. The second significant part of the costs will be the purchase and installation of equipment. However, one should not forget the period of promotion of the bakery, when additional investments in advertising are required. Yes, you still need to have an original range of products for this.

The solution to these problems can be the opening of a bakery franchise. This will immediately allow not only to receive ready-made projects for equipment and design of the bakery, but also a proven popular range of products with ready-made baking recipes. Brand awareness will also play a role in the formative period. At the same time, the cost of opening a bakery will be about 4 thousand dollars and may even be lower than when opening a bakery from scratch.
Of course, when choosing any option, the main role in the success of the enterprise will be played by following a clear business plan that takes into account all possible costs.

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