How to open a karting club

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The craving for extreme sports in many people is combined with the desire for safety. In the best way these, contradictory in fact, desires combines such a sport as karting.


High speeds, roaring engines and tight corners are perfectly combined with safety that is almost guaranteed even for children. Therefore, the popularity of karting among the population is growing every year, and, naturally, the desire of entrepreneurs to make money from this growing popularity is growing.

Opening a karting club without investments, of course, will not work. This type of business has a certain investment threshold, since in order to organize a karting club, you must at least purchase equipment.
As for the creation of the club as a serious business, investments in it will amount to about 200 thousand dollars.
But, before opening a karting club, it is necessary to research the market, assess the size of the client base, identify the level of competition and determine the amount of potential income based on the demand for services.
The most serious difficulty in opening a karting club is finding a suitable site for the location and equipment of the track.
As experience shows, the optimal length of the route should be at least 400-500 meters. This will not only make it interesting and attractive for customers to pass the route, but also place a sufficient number of cars on it. To ensure the profitability of karting, it is desirable to have at least 10 karts that will be provided to customers for rent.

Most of the initial investment in the opening of the karting club will go to the arrangement of the track. Asphalt laying often requires pre-planning and leveling of the site. Most of the customers want the karting club track to meet modern requirements and be equipped with electronic timing. To do this, it is necessary to integrate sensors into the track before asphalt is laid, so the use of ready-made asphalt sites for a serious karting club is not suitable. It should also be taken into account that on the turns of the route it is required to make inclined curbs, which increases the overall cost of laying asphalt.

In addition to asphalting, it will be necessary to ensure the safety of the track, for which old car tires are usually used. Naturally, in addition to the equipment of the track itself, it will be necessary to build a room for storing maps and inventory, lighting and other communications.
The second major part of the initial investment will be the cost of acquiring karts and other equipment.
A new card usually costs about $4,000. It should be taken into account that cards operated in extreme conditions quite often fail and require replacement. Therefore, the cost of purchasing new cards to replace the existing ones must be taken into account when planning current costs.
A reputable karting club provides customers with overalls for the race, as well as mandatory helmets to ensure safety.
The current costs of the karting club will also include the cost of purchasing spare parts, maintenance costs, staff salaries, utilities, and so on.

The karting club receives its main income from equipment rental, although many entrepreneurs also receive regular income from the sale of club cards and the organization of additional services, for example, a small cafe or a specialized store. The organization of corporate events, holding competitions, opening small driving courses on the kart also brings good income to the owners of karting.
Opening training courses at a karting club allows you to earn income in the form of tuition fees, regardless of the seasonality of the service.
Experience shows that, despite the substantial costs of opening a karting club, the payback of the enterprise is 2-3 years.

However, in order to quickly bring the club to profitability, entrepreneurs need to act from the very beginning according to the business plan , which our specialists are ready to prepare for your order, which can be made directly from our website.