How to open cooking

Business ideas by directions

Opening a culinary business can be a good start for your own business, since this business idea is not only interesting, but also profitable.

Culinary offers products that allow you to significantly reduce the time of cooking homemade food, while at the same time leaving room for culinary imagination. Semi-finished products, ready-made meals that require only heating, snacks — these are the most popular culinary goods.

The target buyers of cooking are busy working people who buy groceries on their way home.

Therefore, in order to determine the best location for future cooking, it is necessary to conduct a small marketing research , determining the level of competition in the nearest area and the flow of people. The profitability of the institution and future income depend on the correct choice of location. When choosing a location, be sure to take into account the proximity of supermarkets, as they usually have culinary departments that can be serious competition.

At the initial stage, it is also desirable to immediately outline the assortment of goods sold, since the list of necessary commercial and technological equipment depends on the choice of assortment.
For example, if cooking offers a wide selection of semi-finished meat products, then you need to take care of a sufficient number of refrigerators and refrigerated display cases. If baking becomes the main product, then the commercial equipment will be somewhat different.
When preparing the culinary premises, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the authorized bodies for compliance with sanitary and fire control. To open a cookery, you will have to obtain permission from the supervisory authorities, so it is better to do this from the very beginning than to spend money on new repairs later. As for the culinary premises itself, its dimensions will depend on the breadth of the range of goods and the technology for their preparation. The client hall can be quite compact, since clients usually do not stay in it. However, since the main flow of visitors falls on the evening and morning hours, you can try to increase the attendance of the culinary arts by setting up several tables and offering visitors to taste ready-made dishes and drink tea. In this case, the hall should be somewhat larger, like a small cafe,

The same applies to technological premises. If the main culinary production is located here, then the technological premises themselves and the equipment must correspond to this goal. If most of the semi-finished products are purchased from wholesale suppliers, then the room can be made not so large.

Experience shows that the profitability of cooking as a business can reach 20-30%. However, the profitability of this enterprise, like others, depends on correctly set goals and methods for their implementation. The most important condition for a quick business profit is the competent preparation of a business plan and its consistent implementation.

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